There's a typo in your army list where the special rule for the Skavenslaves is written as "Corned Rats" rather than "Cornered Rats". They shouldn't be the best infantry fighters that you have, that's what Chieftains and Warlords are for. Maybe add the Exalted Vermin Lord to bring the number of pages up to Giving the Plague Lord T6 would be way too much! Plague Priests have I5, same as the last book, which is 2 more than a basic trooper of their kind.

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Strength in Numbers: All units in the Skaven army add their current rank bonus to their Leadership value for any Leadership-based test. Verminous Valour: Skaven characters with this rule can refuse a challenge with no loss of honour. Place model at the back of the unit.

Warpstone Weapon: Attacks with this special rule count as magical. This will affect a tail weapon, but not any magic weapons or a Rat Hound Bodyguard. It can be used in addition to other attacks including an additional hand weapon or even a magic weapon, although it gains no magical properties.

This attack is made at the owner's Initiative, however, on a To Hit roll of 1 the rat hound will instead inflict an automatic hit on its owner. Expendable: All Skaven, except other Skavenslaves, automatically pass Panic tests caused by Skavenslaves. Also, Skaven can voluntarily target ranged attacks at enemy units engaged in close combat with Skavenslaves but no other friendly troops. As combatants are constantly in motion, all successful hits must be randomised between the fighting units friend, foe.

If there are multiple units, further randomise to determine exactly which one is struck. Cornered Rats: Desperate Skavenslaves can be vicious. Should a Skavenslave unit break from combat, all units within D6" friend or foe immediately take D3 S3 hits. Another hit is added to the total rolled for each additional rank of slaves after the first one. The broken unit, including any characters that joined them, are then removed, just as if they had been wiped out in close combat. Small: Rat Swarms do not block line of sight.

They cannot leave their unit or join another one. If there is a Master Moulder or any differently equipped beasts, then hits must be further randomised to determine exactly where hits should be allocated.

In addition it can be used from rear ranks, allowing the bearer to make a single attack regardless of the models number of Attacks through a rank of Rat Orges or over up to three ranks of Giant Rats.

Things-catcher: These polearms are a staple amongst the beast-handling and creature-catching crowd. A things-catcher requires two hands to wield and confers to the Killing Blow ability. Additionally, if a unit of Rat Orgres begins a friendly turn without at least one Packmaster or Master Moulder they must test for Stupidity.

Warlock Eng. Uses Skaven Spells of Ruin list. Can substitute one spell for Warp Lightning. The diabolic device explodes. Place the large round template over the Weapon Team, resolve hits as normal. Highly explosive fuel leaks amd ignites. Roll 2D6 and the scatter dice to determine the team runs before exploding. They will stop if thet touch a unit or impassable terrain.

Go to to resolve. Something has been sprayed but not warpfire. The crew may not fire this turn. Can fire at any visible target or, if within 3 of parent unit can use their line of sight to fire. If target not visible then the shot will scatter double the distance rolled on the artillery dice unless a hit is rolled. The bomb explodes prematurely in the tube, enshrouding the area in an instant green fog.

Place large template centred on Weapon Team. Remove PWM. The opponent can place the template any where they likes within 3D6 of the intended position. Resolve hits as normal. No firing may take place this turn. Attached Unit: A Weapon Team must be deployed at the same time and within 3 of the unit it was bought with. Free to move, counts as normal unit. A destroyed, fleeing or broken Weapon Team never causes Panic tests in friendly units.

Is a move or fire weapon but can pivot on the spot. All models touched by the template are hit automatically Flaming Attack. A unit suffering any casualties must take a Panic test. Place model anywhere and at least 1 away from enemy models. If number of hits rolled is 1, then caster suffers Strength 5 and not the target. All missile weapons that roll To Hit suffer a -1 penalty in addition to any other penalties. Unit remains in state until it loses in close combat. Units that are DF'zied suffer D6 automatic wounds, no armour saves.

Any model touched suffers a Strength 4 Hit, all wounds caused count as Flaming Attacks. Any unit that suffers an unsaved wound must take a panic test. Any model in path must make an Initiative test to leap clear.

Models that fail are removed as casualties. Any models inside must pass an Initiative test or be removed as casualty. Replace building with difficult terrain and place survivors in a unit so that at least one model is touching the newly formed rubble.

If any models cannot fit, they are removed as casualties. Models in the affected unit must take a Toughness test. On a fail the model suffers a single wound with no armour save allowed. After working out the effects of the spell and removing casualties, roll a dice on chart below and apply results until the spell ends or no targets in range. The unit selected suffers as above.

Units cannot be affected twice by this spell in the same Magic phase. Turns 4D6 of targeted unit's models into Clanrats. Remove enemy models and replace them with Clanrats. No saves of any kind are allowed. Any models touched by the template suffer a Strength 2 hit with no armour save allowed. May be used in close combat, one enemy in base contact takes D6 Stength 2 hits with no armour saves allowed. The spell lasts until the end of the next player turn. Lasts for the rest of the game and any creatures reduced to a Toughness of 0 are removed as casualties.

All units touched suffer 3D6 Strength 2 hits. Can be cast while the Sorcerer is in combat, however, no template is used. Instead choose a single enemy unit in base contact with caster. Hits are distributed as per shooting. Affected units suffer D6 strength 5 hits, no armour saves allowed. Roll separately for each unit. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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Warhammer Army Book

Over the past few weeks I have been drooling over the new Skaven rules for Warhammer Fantasy. But with the changes, Skaven actually have some staying power and non luck related chances to win. My local game store buddies agree that the new Skaven book is very well balanced with the latest codex releases. However, when you consider how broken Chaos demons are and how terrifying the Lizardman can be, there is no short supply of cheese in the Skaven book. Games Workshop made each model in the unit 7 points a piece with the option to give them a shield for 1 point. This makes them the same price they were before, but better.


Skaven Codex

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Codex Skaven

Strength in Numbers: All units in the Skaven army add their current rank bonus to their Leadership value for any Leadership-based test. Verminous Valour: Skaven characters with this rule can refuse a challenge with no loss of honour. Place model at the back of the unit. Warpstone Weapon: Attacks with this special rule count as magical. This will affect a tail weapon, but not any magic weapons or a Rat Hound Bodyguard.

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