Note 2 This is a worst-case specification which includes all effects due to input voltage output current temperature and power dissipation Maximum power. Note 3 Line regulation is measured on a short-pulse low-duty-cycle basis to maintain constant junction temperature Changes in output voltage due to thermal. Note 4 Load regulation on the 2-pin package is determined primarily by the voltage drop along the output pin Specifications apply for an external Kelvin sense. Note 5 Ripple rejection is measured with the adjustment pin bypassed with 25 mF capacitor and is therefore independent of output voltage With no load or.

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Consult for possible alternate. Email cnjwge tevm2 nsc com. Connected as shown Rw is not multiplied by the divider ratio Rw is about 0 X per foot using 16 gauge wire This translates to 40 mV ft at 10A load current so it is important to keep the positive lead between regulator and load as short as possible.

Because of its extremely high power dissipation capability the. National does not assume any responsibility for use of any circuitry described no circuit patent licenses are implied and National reserves the right at any time without notice to change said circuitry and specifications. Regulation of master unit is unchanged Load or input voltage changes on slave units do not affect other units but all units will be affected by changes on master A short on any output will cause all other outputs to drop to approximately 2V.

Total voltage drop across output wire and connector should not exceed 0 3V. Satasheet current dataaheet power limiting.

The actual heat sink chosen for the LM will be deter- mined by the worst-case continuous full load current input voltage and maximum ambient temperature Overload or short circuit output conditions do not normally have to be considered when selecting a heat sink because the thermal shutdown built into the LM will protect it under these conditions Lm39k exception to this is in situations where the regulator must recover very quickly from overload The LM may take some time to recover to within specified output tolerance following an extended overload if the regu- lator is lm from thermal shutdown temperature approx- imately to specified operating temperature C or C The procedure for heat sink selection is as follows.

C2 is not absolutely necessary but is suggest- ed to lower high frequency output impedance Output capacitors in the range of 1 mF to mF of aluminum or tantalum electrolytic are commonly used to provide improved out- put impedance and rejection of transients.

PNP transistor dxtasheet working 2. Low line voltage AC rms. Consider reading this before posting: Adjustment pin current change is specified for the worst-case combination of input voltage output current and power dissipation Changes due to.

If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributors for availability and specifications. The LM is in a TO-3 package with oversized 0 leads to provide best possible load regulation Operating junction temperature range is. Hope it may help a bit, any further query is welcomed. For best TC of V.

R1 should be wirewound. Fax 1 Ripple rejection is measured with the adjustment pin bypassed with 25 mF capacitor and is therefore independent of output voltage With no load or. How reliable is it? Part and Inventory Search. Although power dissipation is internally limited electrical specifications apply only for power dissipation up to the limits shown Derating with temperature.

Ripple rejection at the normal ripple frequency of Hz is a function of both electrical and thermal effects in the LM If the adjustment pin is not bypassed with a capaci- tor it is also dependent on output voltage A 25 mF capaci- tor from the adjustment pin to ground will make ripple rejec- tion independent of output voltage for frequencies above Hz If lower ripple frequencies are encountered the ca- pacitor should be increased proportionally.

R3 if continuous output shorts are possible 2 Under normal load condi- tions system power dissipation is not changed but under short circuit condi- tions.

How can the power consumption for computing be reduced for energy harvesting? Figure 7 the LMA op amp forces the voltage loss. Thermal regulation specified on data sheet. The LM will tolerate a wide range of input and output capacitance but long wire runs or small values of output capacitance can sometimes cause problems If an output capacitor is used it should be 1 mF or larger We suggest 10 m.

Temperature coefficient of output voltage. Distorted Sine output from Transformer 8. Output is short circuit protected. Losses in inductor of a boost converter 8. Skip to content.


LM396 National Semiconductor, LM396 Datasheet - Page 13

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15V 10 Amp Voltage Regulator Circuit Using IC LM196

LM as voltage regulator in power supply. Posted: Sep Thu 28, pm. I had the bright idea that I??? My ultimate question is whether I can run 1 to 5 tubes off of the same resistors or whether the current draw will alter the value of the R2 resistors needed. For example, if using a ohm resistor for R1, will a 10 watt ohm resistor work for operating one. Also, as I understand it, R1 has very little current going through it.

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