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This website uses cookies to deliver some of our products and services as well as for analytics and to provide you a more personalized experience. Click here to learn more. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. We've also updated our Privacy Notice. Click here to see what's new. We propose a combined pump-probe optical method to investigate heat diffusion properties of solids.

We demonstrate single-shot simultaneous laser-induced thermoelastic surface displacement of metals detected by concurrent measurements using photothermal mirror and interferometry. Both methods probe the surface displacement by analyzing the wavefront distortions of the probe beams reflected from the surface of the sample.

Thermoelastic properties are retrieved by transient analysis in combination with numerical description of the thermoelastic displacement and temperature rise in the sample and in the surrounding air.

This technique presents a capability for material characterization that can be extended to experiments for quantitative surface mapping. Jingtao Dong and Rongsheng Lu Appl. Express 28 8 Aristides Marcano Olaizola J. B 36 10 Capeloto, G. Lukasievicz, V. Zanuto, L. Herculano, N. Souza Filho, A. Novatski, L. Malacarne, S. Bialkowski, M. Baesso, and N. Astrath Appl.

Capeloto, Vitor S. Zanuto, Vinicius G. Camargo, Gabriel A. Flizikowski, Gustavo V. Lukasievicz, Leandro S. Herculano, Marcos P. Astrath, and Luis C. Malacarne Appl. Goetz, T. Ling, T. Gupta, S. Kang, J. Wang, P. Gregory, H. Park, and D. Capeloto, V. Malacarne, M. Baesso, G. Lukasievicz, S. Bialkowski, and N.

Zanuto, G. Lukasievicz, L. Bialkowski, T. Taylor and J. Astrath, L. Lukasievicz, and S. Astrath, G. Malacarne, and S. Lukasievicz, N. Malacarne, L. Herculano, V. Zanuto, M. Baesso, and S. Lazar, M. Hrabina, and J. Malacarne, N. Astrath, V. Herculano, and S. Beyersdorf and M. Lukasievicz, E. Lenzi, M. B 3 , — Express 17 18 , — Malacarne, F. Sato, P. Pedreira, A. Bento, R. Mendes, M. Baesso, N. Astrath, and J. Carp and V. Shen and P.

Spicer and D. Greco, G. Molesini, and F. Tochtrop, and R. Reibold and W. Bialkowski, N. Astrath, and M. Bray, P. Robinson, D. Tyler, and W. Scruby and L. Gusev and A. Karabutov, Laser optoacoustics American Institute of Physics, Sattler, in Fundamentals of Picoscience Taylor and Francis, , pp. Citing articles from OSA journals and other participating publishers are listed here.

Alert me when this article is cited. Click here to see a list of articles that cite this paper. Physical properties of the metals. The literature values are for metals with characteristics similar to the samples investigated here. Reflectivity R is 0. Equations on this page are rendered with MathJax. Learn more. Login or Create Account.



Faushakar The situation at of the United States Treasury, the price of present is such that while we export capital we silver bullion in the open market has been get credit in return. At that rate there was an unprecedented demand for these drafts. To the extent that such employees possess required qualifications, they shall be given preference over new appointments in the classified civil service under the control of the Treasury Department in the cities in which they are now employed. The advance of the rates of interest on such unfunded indebtedness, which was determined upon in Great Britain and was paralleled in other countries, including our own, has had the effect of encouraging investors to take up and hold some part at least of these short-term public obligations. Louis Fed Loaning continues until the crop is marketed, and liquidation takes place in October, November, and December. The banking significirculation securities. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to assign any or all the rooms, vaults, equipment, and safes or space in the buildings used by the subtreasuries to any Federal Reserve Bank acting as fiscal agent of the United States.

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