Download the Frisquet Connect app, or connect via the website frisquetconnect. The quality of our boilers means we can offer you a manufacturer's warranty much longer than the legal requirement, our long-term warranty 1. This warranty applies to all our products, including the renewable energy appliances, as long as their commissioning and maintenance is carried out by a professional. Gas boilers. Study my bill The Frisquet network Download our documentation.

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Demand for quality, first of all, because our products are manufactured entirely in our own factories in France. Demand for innovation, secondly, because we continuously aim to increase the safety and convenience of our boilers. All the technologies we develop are immediately incorporated as part of the standard product, never as an option. And finally, the demand for service, since the quality of our boilers means we can guarantee them well beyond the minimum legal period.

We have been designing and manufacturing gas boilers for over 70 years. All of our passion and energy goes into this.

This is our trademark. The sign of our commitment to you. Your boiler must offer you comfort and peace of mind. From design to production, close attention is paid at every stage. Comfort and peace, strength and longevity, energy saving, low after-sales cost, etc. We set many criteria for quality.

Our brand's reputation has been built on this demand for quality ever since our family business was established in Our economic independence has allowed us to create a strong business culture.

It becomes the engine for our commercial and technological dynamism. Continual unit and factory testing Our production plant is in Meaux France. From design to manufacture, every detail of our products is conceived and checked by our teams. All our boilers are individually tested in real operating conditions. The name of the engineer responsible for checking is actually shown on each appliance. It is authorised to run its own certification tests, which are then validated by an independent, approved laboratory.

FRISQUET aims for continually increasing levels of safety, comfort and energy savings, by immediately adding the latest technical improvements to its boilers as standard, rather than optional extras. Its performance is still unparalleled. At the end of , it also became a CE standard device. We have developed the Abnormal Draft Detector.

In , this became a regulatory requirement for asphyxia prevention. Ours were the only customers able to benefit from this essential safety device for five years. An exclusive, CE-certified system solution. Quality is revealed by the copper, stainless steel and other high-grade materials, and by our expertise.

Manufacturing procedures, choice of materials, pollution emissions, energy consumption and recycling are all taken into account from the start. This optimises heat exchange and eliminates local overheating caused by the burner power.

The metal works at low temperatures, ensuring its reliability and strength. As a boiler operates over a year, a thin layer of scale inevitably builds up on the heat exangers, but this does not have the same impact on a FRISQUET boiler. On a tubular heat exchanger, whether spiral-wound flat tubes or in fins, the channels through which the burnt gases pass have to be between 1 and 1.

Even slight scaling of 0. This results in a gradual increase in gas consumption. They are independent of the heat exchanger. There are no minimum flow rate or buffer volume limits, and no cooling expectations between two operating modes, DHW and heating.

Its heat exchange surface is perfectly smooth. It is practically self-cleaning and maintains its performance over time : its smooth wall allows the condensation to flow evenly.

It has no spots or other containment areas where damaging corrosion is very likely to develop. All their heat is recovered, except for the latent heat that reaches the condenser.

The heat exchanger and its turbulators are very accessible, assisting maintenance. It is self-cleaning and maintenance-free. Copper works at low temperatures, retaining its conduction and durability characteristics over time. In this case, with a shared return, the low return temperature of the underfloor heating prolongs condensation even further, even though the temperature required by the radiators is high.

Only our boilers have this factory-built addition. In fact, they are very different, comparing quality of combustion and environmental performance. It has a fan that drives cool air at low speed, eliminating boiler vibration and preventing noise pollution both inside and outside the home.

You can observe this for yourself: Short, blue flame - at full power, the high-temperature flame is short and burns blue; at full power - during modulation, you will detect infrared radiation. It has an unparalleled variability, from 4. These analyses and adjustments are complicated and time-consuming. Gas consumption rises if they are not carried out.

A heating installation is poorly suited to a boiler that is too powerful. It leads to excessive energy consumption, temperatures rising too sharply and expansion noise and it reduces the operation in condensation mode through the time taken for the controller to restore the balance. It is an accurate, continuous adjustment. It is an important factor in gas savings.

It has exclusive functions, so you can forget about your boiler. Its processing power allows it to incorporate all these functions at no extra cost. The radio frequency is secure and encrypted MHz, so no interference. It is permanently in contact with radio communication satellites. Just a few keys are enough to operate all the functions.

A large screen optimises legibility of the information displayed. The data about 03 : 58 time, heating temperature, heating water pressure, the burner operation and domestic hot water are all displayed mon feb 28 constantly.

The key for the next action to perform is illuminated to guide you. It sends the information simultaneously to all Time setting the satellites. These do not have to be set again. The boiler will provide the chosen ambient temperature. Each satellite is individually linked to the boiler, for tailor- made comfort. It can Clock face be placed on a flat surface or wall- display mounted, with its ultra-slim design making it a discreet fixture. The satellite's batteries last 3 years.

It receives the comfort levels programmed by the user and ensures that the ambiance is correct. It sends the information back to the boiler by radio, with no interference. The outdoor sensor is vital for the underfloor heating, for instance. Outdoor unit holding temperature sensor. Indoor unit containing radio part, protected inside the dwelling, with V supply so batteries do not have to be changed if access is awkward. It continually adjusts the heat exchanger temperature, on the burner adjustment and the 4-way valve, taking account of the properties of each zone to be heated to supply the precise energy needed for the dwelling.

Circulator pump 3. Initial temperature sensor 4. Heat exchanger temperature sensor 5. Hot water temperature sensor 6. Adjustable burner 7. Visio control panel 8. Radio communication satellite 1 satellite supplied as standard with the boiler.

This high-tech control facility is provided as standard with the boiler. It is useful for applications where the ambient temperature is not important small business, dwelling where the ambient temperature measurement is not representative. It is useful when the characteristics of the dwelling require it; for underfloor heating, for instance, the outdoor temperature has to be taken into account. It applies a learning process relating to the performance of the heating zone, and determines the most suitable settings.

No additional hydraulic kit is needed for an underfloor heating system; the outdoor sensor is needed, of course option. H Visio module Compact, can be placed anywhere on the installation: the H Visio module can be placed near the boiler or anywhere else in the installation. The boiler's control panel simply has to activate the built-in controllers, and assign them to the chosen heating circuit. One of these circuits is supplied as it it were a "single-circuit heating system". There are two possible solutions for the others: 1 - Circulator pump A full kit for managing a supplementary circuit, including the circulator.

It allows a continuous delivery of heat at precisely the right temperature calculated by the digital controller in the boiler. It gives immediate, endless hot water. This is where the water is heated. It provides significant, very obvious extra flow. This ensures continuous production of hot water. This extra flow rate provides additional comfort for 1. This is a significant difference compared to the 4 to 6 l mini-accumulator tanks; the only purpose of this is to avoid having cold water flow at start-up, without changing flow rate.


Wall-mounted boiler Condensing Visio

Download the Frisquet Connect app, or connect via the website frisquetconnect. The quality of our boilers means we can offer you a manufacturer's warranty much longer than the legal requirement, our long-term warranty 1. This warranty applies to all our products, including the renewable energy appliances, as long as their commissioning and maintenance is carried out by a professional. Gas boilers. Study my bill The Frisquet network Download our documentation.





Wall-mounted boiler Evolution Visio


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