Cellean modular control panel. Steel floor-standing compact enclosures. Steel floor-standing suitable enclosures. Versatile offer of enclosures that allow up to different combinations. Steel wall-mounting enclosures. Stainless-steel wall-mounting enclosures.

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Our Company. Since , Himel has always been anxious to remain very close to its customers. The constant innovation in our designs, improvements in our logistics process and the continuous expansion of our world distribution network demonstrate this fact.

We are specialists in the design, production and marketing of enclosure systems which ease the implementation of your installations and protect them under any environmental conditions.

Our products adapt perfectly to each and every one of the necessities of the industrial, tertiary and domestic sectors. Our values. Over the years, Himel has developed the values that bring it closer to its customers:. Wide range of enclosures available near you. Easily adaptable, flexible universal solutions. Enclosures designed to simplify and carry out your installations. Reactivity and maximum cooperation. HIMEL company. In this way, we can always be close to your applications, whether they are for electrical distribution, industrial control and automatism or voice and data networks, in the industrial, infrastructure, tertiary or residential markets.

The communication link with our customers is established by means of our extensive sales network, which offers you highly-qualified, professional per- sonal treatment, satisfying all your needs and keeping you constantly infor- med of our products and services.

Himel in the world. During the last 25 years, Himel has been implanting an intense stra- tegy of internationalisation. This has made it possible for our enclo- sures today to be protecting thousands of installations in the five continents, with a total guarantee of quality. Thanks to a wide, professionalized distribution network, we have succeeded in locating our range of enclosures always close to where you are, available for rapid, sure delivery in most of the countries in the world.

Logistics are the key. One of the reasons for our success is the importance we attach to logistics. Our commitment to serving our customers, in an increa- singly efficient manner all over the world, impels us to make efforts in logistical innovations that are applied to all processes of storage, transport, distribution and marketing. We apply new database, automatic identification, and packaging technologies which ensure that waiting times are minimal, that errors are not produced, that the products are well transported and that handling and storage are simple.

Logistics thus become a competitive advantage, which permits deli- very periods to be shortened and, most important of all, allows us to provide customers with an excellent service. Ranking and classification of the products and their different components. Each product line is composed of different sections: title page, introduction, pano- rama, explanations, selection table, product and description, panel of models and references, dimensions and diagrams, basic components, installation systems, accessories and complements.

These sections are coded as follows:. Ranking coding:. Classification of the enclosures in the chapters. Product lines section. IP66 EN Tables of description by selection type.

Reference with. Tables of selection by type. Main points. Models, measurements, references, diagrams. Systems section. Selection tables. Product description, tables, diagrams. Accessories section. Detail colour code for indexes. Detail colour code for title pages. Himel and the environment. At Himel, we are committed to our planet.

Therefore, we have a company culture that is absolutely respectful of the environment. We integrate into our strategic decisions the development manu- facturing products and processes that optimise energy consump- tion and permit recycling. At Himel, quality is not improvised. It is the result of integral management, which encompasses both the staff of the company and our suppliers in this philosophy. Products which have been tested and certified by the most prestigious international organisms.

Inside, the graphic elements are explained that define the composition, structure, colour and other components of the different chapters, so as to facilitate a rapid and efficient search for anything that may be of immediate interest.

This Catalogue, in addition to the different general information sections, consists of 6 chapters, each of which corresponds to a range of our products. You will find these chapters duly paginated in the general table of contents and in the parti- cular sub-indexes. An identifying colour has been established for each of the sections making up the catalogue and this indicates in which section it is located throughout the catalo- gue.

You will also find this colour coding on the side of the catalogue to help you to look for the different product ranges. Both the list of contents and the entries to the different chapters include this coding, so that you can always know which section of the catalogue you are reading.

Colour coding. Selection guide. Distribution boards. Forced and natural ventilation devices. Enclosures for DIN rail equipment. Weatherproof enclosures IP Cooling units. Resistance heaters. Heat control devices. Thermal control for electrical switchboards. Metal rails and fixing nuts. Metal brackets. Accessories for electrical cabling. Adjustable membrane glands.

Enclosure lighting. Wall mounting steel enclosures. Control boxes system. Floor standing industrial enclosures. Industrial cubicle system. Metal control desks. Stainless steel enclosures. Metal enclosures for electromagnetic protection. Wall fixing and floor stan natural toughne. Monobloc control desks PK:. CRN: Made from a continuous length of sheet steel. Excellent internal accessibility together with a wide range of applications and installations.

Control boxes system CM: Designed to fit human-machine dialogue elements. Floor industrial enclosures CMO:. Metal enclosures for. Industrial cubicle system OLN:. Triangular closed profile structure with welded top and base and vertical bolted on profiles for maximum versatility. Protection degree. Dimensions mm. Mounting plates.

Universal chassis. Distribution chassis. Metal cover plates. Insulating cover plates. Centred full rack. Full off-centre rack. Internal doors. Acces- Installation. HIMEL wall fixing and floor standing metal enclosures.

CRSX stainless enclosures are particularly suitable for corrosive environments where a high degree of cleanliness is required: food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries…, etc.

The main feature of OLN cubicles is that they can be joined together to form large bay switchboards and their full accessibility.


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