Random thoughts, casual writings and specific research on early jazz styles. If you think there is no jazz before Coltrane, you may have come to the wrong place. It sounds like Morton playing fast, but nothing like James P. Morton's right hand riffs are not characteristic stride figures and the left hand bass notes are an octave higher than you would expect from a fully fledged stride player. Morton wa s his own man. Great article.

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Please Pass It On! Visit Virtual Sheet Music to learn more Advanced Forum Search. Key: Admin , Global Mod , Mod. Hop To. Finger Buster by Jelly Roll Morton. Joined: Dec New York. Works1 OP. Anyone play this piece? If so, what do you think of it? Seems like a fun piece that people would enjoy listening to. Also, do you know where I can find the music for it for free if possible but will pay for it otherwise? Thanks, Evan. Joined: Apr Auckland, New Zealand.

A full version exists in the Dapogny volume of complete Morton transcriptions - places such as Ragtime Express or Amazon should have it. Joined: Mar Since I'm very into Stride piano I've come acossed this piece plenty of times.

Isn't it the piece with cromatic patherns in the beginning? And it's also in the movie "The legend of " in the pianoduel between and jelly roll morton. It's one of jelly rolls great piano pieces but unfortunate it's very hard There are lots of superb Stride piano music out there Then go for it. It really is a fingerbuster. Thanks guys, I ordered the songbook from Sheetmusicplus. Hopefully it's the authentic version. Mandel, you are correct, it's the piece that starts with the chromatic patterns and it may be harder than it sounds but it sounds pretty hard already.

Still I love a challenge and I enjoy listening to the piece. Oh I almost forgot!! Here is a link where you can download the piece on midi. If you get yourself a good midiprogram as: Logic, Finale, Cakewalk etc This is how I learn all my stride music.

Thanks for the link. The songbook listes the song as both Fingerbuster and fingerbreaker next to it in parenthesis. I guess it may be know by both titles. Print Thread Show Likes. Piano Concerts, Recitals, Competitions Tons more music related products in our online store! What's Hot!! The Piano World During the Pandemic! Download Sheet Music. Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Please Support Our Advertisers. Powered by UBB. Find a Professional. Who's Online Now. Previous Thread.

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Jelly Roll Morton

Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe October 20, — July 10, , known professionally as Jelly Roll Morton , was an American ragtime and jazz pianist, bandleader, and composer. Morton's claim to have invented jazz in was criticized. Morton's accomplishments as an early innovator are so vast that he did not really need to stretch the truth. If we read the words that he himself wrote, we learn that he almost had an inferiority complex and said that he created his own style of jazz piano because 'All my fellow musicians were much faster in manipulations, I thought than I, and I did not feel as though I was in their class. Both parents traced their Creole ancestry four generations to the 18th century. The law requiring birth certificates for citizens was not enforced until





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