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Ex Machina TriStat. BSF First Post. OK, I'm looking through the ENnie nominees and this one catches my eye. Looks cool! One problem though, I know nothing about Tristat. Sure, I could go download it and figure it all out. I've got no problem looking at new rules systems. But I thought that maybe there are other folks here that would be interested in hearing about TriStat and about Ex Machina.

So EN World, share with me your experiences. Tell me a bit about TriStat and sell me on Ex Machina. How easy is it to introduce to otherwise myopic gamers?

Presume a D20 comfort zone. As GM why should I look at this? Why should my players look at this? And finally, what makes Ex Machina cool? It's been nominated for an ENnie and this is good enough for me, but sell me on it. Crothian First Post. Berandor lunatic. What I heard about TriStat was very nice. It's a generic system that uses dice pools, and depending on the genre of the game, the dice you use change.

So a realistic game with humans might use d6, whereas a superhero game might use d I didn't get very far into the mechanics, but what I saw seemed extremely flexible. I could tell you more if the Game of Thrones RPG had been on time, because it's got both d20 and TriStat rules, but what i saw and what I remember seemed quite nice.

The base rules are a free download, by the way. Haven't really looked through it much myself. But I think I will, soon. Crothian, love the reviews.

I use them a lot. I'm looking for the hard pitch from the fans. How about this one: I really dislike TriStat. I've run several games using it, and it is -not- my cup of tea. That said, I make one exception now. Ex Machina. The writting is amazing, the settings are evocative and showcase the variety of environments for CyberPunk settings and play.

It blew me away. I bought it and fell in love instantly, and then fell ever more in love every time I read through it. If you like or are interested in CyberPunk, this is the game to buy.

OK, I have read some of your preferences for CyberPunk. So this is a pretty big statement in that context. So what is it about TriStat that you don't like Hellhound? I disliked how TriStat only has The game system, at heart, is pretty rules lite And honestly, I can't even remember anymore. I know that in running 16 games of Sailor Moon, I got more and more annoyed with the system until I dropped it.

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LM2574N 5.0 PDF

Ex Machina: Tri-Stat Cyberpunk Genre

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Ex Machina (TriStat)

Ex Machina is a cyberpunk role-playing game published by Guardians of Order covering a range from classic cyberpunk to postcyberpunk. Ex Machina includes a detailed retrospective on the cyberpunk genre, as well as lengthy advice on how to convey that genre in a role-playing environment without losing touch with its core themes. In addition to information on setting design and genre handling, Ex Machina also includes four complete game settings for gamers to choose from, each of which takes the Cyberpunk genre in its own unique direction. Under Tri-Stat the game uses point-based character design and a two-die task resolution system. The game engine focuses on story over rules, and is known for its flexibility. The d20 System variation combines the points-based special abilities of Tri-Stat with the classes and levels of d20 , and uses a hybrid task system mostly built from the d20 's single-die high-roll method.

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