Whether you are planning to move to Peru, or you are already living here, the Expat Peru forum is a great place to meet people and to find information. Welcome to our community! Skip to content. Home Quick links. Logout Register. Answers to your qestions about moving to, and living in, Peru,.

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Whether you are planning to move to Peru, or you are already living here, the Expat Peru forum is a great place to meet people and to find information.

Welcome to our community! Skip to content. Home Quick links. Logout Register. Answers to your qestions about moving to, and living in, Peru,. Forum rules. Most of the commentary I've come across seems to agree with the spirit of his remarks. It is well worth a read, as I suspect it will become a theme for him for the next few years, and will continue to be referred to. Typical Garcia Prose. I'll have to read the rest of it when my brain turns back on to "digest information in Spanish" mode.

As online translators go- you might get the gist. The syndrome of the dog of the market gardener By Alan Garci'a Perez. President of the Republic The reclamation by the degree of the house is very great. Each Peruvian knows that with a legalized, saleable, mortgageable or transmissible property by inheritance he can improve his situation.

But joint Peru as has the same problem and it does not know it. Many of their goods can be put in value, neither to sell, nor can be invested in them, nor be generated uses with them. There are million hectares for wood that are idle, other million hectares that the communities and associations have not cultivated nor will cultivate, in addition hundreds to mineral deposits that cannot be worked and million hectares from sea which the maricultura nor the production never enter. The rivers that lower on both sides of the mountain range are a fortune that goes away to the sea without producing electrical energy.

It has, in addition, million workers who do not exist, although make workings, because its work does not serve to them to have surely social or one more a pension advanced, because they do not contribute what they could contribute multiplying the national saving.

Therefore, there are many resources without use that are not transables, that does not receive investment and that does not generate work. And all it by the taboo of surpassed ideologies, idleness, indolencia or the law of the dog of the market gardener who says: "If I do not do who do not do anybody".

It has 63 million hectares and abundant rain. Now single the concessions that depend on the will of the Government and of the civil employee exist who can modify them. For that reason nobody invests nor creates a job by each two hectares as it would have to be; nor there is elaboration of the wood and export of furniture. In their majority, those concessions single plundering have served to remove the finest wood, to deforest and to abandon the area.

On the contrary, the formal property by great collective companies as the bottoms of pensions would allow to later do investments of long term from seedtime to the harvest years.

They also say that to give property of great lots it would give gain to great companies, sure but also it would create hundreds of thousands of formal uses for Peruvian that live in the poorest zones.

It is the dog of the market gardener. Let us respect the virgin and native forests, but we begin by the 8 million hectares that have been turned deserts and destroyed in the last years by the concessions plundering, the cocaine and the wild cutting.

There million uses and in addition works will be able to be generated in the elaboration to furniture. It is a shame that Chile exports USS2. A second subject demonstrates the same, is the Earth. So that there is investment is needed safe property, but we have fallen in the deceit to give small lots of land to poor families who do not have a cent to invest, then aside from the Earth, will have to request to the State for fertilizers, seeds, technology to him of irrigation and in addition protected prices.

This model small farm owner and without technology is a vicious circle of misery, we must impel the medium property, the middle-class of the agriculture that knows to obtain resources, to look for markets and can create formal work. But what is what we observed in the country? When one sees a very beautiful beach, somebody already denounced it many years ago and it has not put a cent of investment to make in her a bath and will spend decades without value more. Thus they are all the hills that surround Lima, where the investment could make miracles.

Thus they are all the denounced but not worked limestone quarries and of cement. But the demagoguery and the deceit say that those earth cannot be touched because they are sacred objects and that that communal organization is the original organization of Peru, without knowledge that was a creation of the virrey Toledo to put in a corner to the natives in nonproductive earth. This it is a case that is in all Peru, idle earth because the owner does not have economic formation nor resources, therefore his property is apparent.

That same earth sold in great lots would bring technology from which the comunero would also benefit, but the ideological spiderweb of century XIX subsists like an impediment. The dog of the market gardener.

The third subject is the one of the mining resources in which Peru also has the greatest wealth of the world, nonsingle by the amount but by the variety of mining resources, or that allows that if a low product of price, is compensated with other products. Nevertheless, as soon as tenth part of those resources is in process of operation, because still we discussed here if the mining technique destroys the medio.

And it is that the old anticapitalist Communist of century XIX disguised itself there of protectionist in century XX and changes again of t-shirt in century XXI to be medioambientalista.

But always anticapitalist, against the investment, without explaining how, with a poor agriculture, a jump could be given a greater development. He is preferable for them who Peru continues mattering and becoming impoverished. A fourth subject is the one of the sea; Japan has less fishing wealth but it eats five times more fishing per year and inhabitant who Peru, because it has developed his maricultura. But, whenever lot wants to grant of sea so that an investor puts his cages of artificial raising, it increases the production and it creates work here, react fishermen artisan of creek near, that sees to be born competition more modern and say that its right to the free step, that is contaminated the sea and others invoke the asylum of the Sea of Grau, instead of accepting this new activity is being blocked that could generate hundreds of thousands of uses.

In addition, Peru has in the mountain range an enormous wealth in the rains that fall on her. One calculates that annually billion cubic meters in the mountain range fall that lower by the rivers towards the Pacific and the Atlantic. Of which it goes to the Pacific we took advantage of a small amount for agriculture and the electrical generation, but of which it lowers towards the Atlantic to form the Amazon, we did not take advantage of practically anything.

How to take advantage of it? Now that petroleum increases and will continue increasing its price, we must think about the electrical generation that she is renewable, almost eternal and clean. And to think its use and its sale about continental terms. But that must make it great or international private capitals that need a security very long term to invest thousands of million and to be able to recover their investments. But the dog of the market gardener says: Why they are going to make money with our waterfalls?

Better than the government makes regional. But they do not say with what money. Therefore, any Peruvian which he watches at around will see how much wealth exists that it is not put in value. In fifth place, the own human work is not put in value for which it works. The informal work that is majority, is a work nonincorporated to the economy nor to the legality; it does not have social security because it does not quote, does not have pension because it does not contribute to no system, to give value to that work in benefit to the person, the logical thing would be a progressive advance so that the employees of the microcompany, who are million, have in the first place the minimum fundamental right, safe of health, pension and 8 hours.

It is more than what today they have. Thus the government social security fund and the bottom of the medical insurance are fortified. But to this progressive access the demagoguery is against that says: "It is necessary to give all the rights immediately to the workers of the familiar or informal microcompany".

But they do not know or perhaps that the only thing that will obtain he is that the microindustralist, yes incapable to pay those costs, it closes the company and it dismisses many workers, with which the remedy will be worse than the disease. Also there are others say: "If it is not possible to be given all the allowances immediately and 30 days of vacations, that the State gives total health without they quote to them and gives all a minimum pension without they have contributed".

But it is that they are these such that are against the forest investment in the forest because it is sagrada, against which the comunero bandage, although wants, the communal earth because they are sagradas, against which open more mines because the single Peru must be agrarian, that is not maricultura in the sea.

And without investment, work thus created, they think that the State is a well bottomless of which they can leave all the resources eternally and end up saying: "It reduces the state labor day to 6 hours, pays more wages, although Peru does not produce more". As full stop it could add that the brain of our students and children is not put either in value.

The education becomes in most of cases to be approved with 11, instead of impelling the excellence and the effort of the A group of bad professors and bad civil employees demands not to be evaluated to hide their mediocrity and thus the system continues producing results without value. And those of always say: "That gives more me without I change and without she delivers no attack".

Therefore, they are allied of the informal miner, the clandestine carpenter, the misery farmer, the informal use and the lack of merit and effort.

As opposed to the deceptive philosophy of the dog of the market gardener, the reality says to us that we must put in value the resources that we did not use and of working with more effort. And also us the standard the experience of the successful towns, the Germans, the Japanese, Korean and the many others.

And that is the bet of the future, and the only thing that will make us progress. Friends don't let friends fly LAN. Support StarPeru! I am a proud supporter of Pukana Surf School. Miraflores, Playa Makaha - Yellow tent. For most it is a quite humorous comparison and one that easily applied President then her and Garcia will get along just fine.

That would be one confusing press conference! I am the first to admit that it does become gobleygook once pushed through the translator, but the essay.. You can correctly accuse Garcia of a lot of things, but not of being a poor communicator. Cheers, Alan. The majority of the country is poor, not rich. I find it very interesting and it raises a lot of question for me. One is, how much has Alan Garcia changed since his first time as president?

I can't remember him proposing the privatisation of land ownship before and this is quite a radical step for people in the highlands.

I am pleased the issue is raised by him. I suspect that privatisation of agricultural is probably a good thing but I also have concerns. For those who don't know about Peruvian land ownership laws, in Peru there is a basic law that "those who work the land own the land".

This was introduced by land reform in the time of the left wing military government of Velasco Alvarado - Since this time I would say this law has become a bit of a sacred cow correct me if I'm wrong and while Fujimori manouvered against it politicians are fearful of losing the highland vote. Although it is generally accepted in the highlands that land reform was done badly, it is also generally accepted that it was necessary and people gained access to land where before they had none.

All agricultural land is communal in Peru while families "possess" it, but only as long as they live in the community.


Peru: Humala Submits to the United States and the Mining Industry

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