El Periquillo was written in , though due to government censorship the last of four volumes was not published until The novel has been continuously in print in more than twenty editions since then. El Periquillo Sarniento can be read as a nation-building novel, written at a critical moment in the transition of Mexico and Latin America from Colony to Independence. Jean Franco has characterized the novel as "a ferocious indictment of Spanish administration in Mexico: ignorance, superstition and corruption are seen to be its most notable characteristics". Given Lizardi's career as a pioneering Mexican journalist, his novel can also be read as a journal of opinion in the guise of a picaresque novel.

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Post a Comment. Sobre el autor y la obra. Erwin K. Mapes y Frances M. Summary Narrator Pedro frames autobiographical story as an example of mistakes for his children not to make children symbolize youth of new republic. Says he had a bad upbringing, parents spoiled him. Studied for religious position because it was easy criticism of church. Left church when father died, and wasted all of his inheritance; started cheating at cards to earn a living.

Later gets sent to prison for robbery, even though it was his friend, not him. Leaves prison and works as a scribe, then as a pharmacist, then as a doctor. Then pretends to be a blind beggar to get alms.

Later, becomes a cheating clerk, then a thief. Realizes he has to change his life, and becomes the administrator of a bar, and then gets married. Before his death, he narrated his life story to Lizardi author who wrote this book. Notes from Wikipedia. Enlightenment thoughts He knows he's sinned, so he tells his story so his kids won't make the same mistake.

In this novel, Lizardi "invita a las clases bajas que habitan la capital a dejarla y retornar al campo. What Franco says about the work Chap. Example of episodes relating to the Philippine Islands, where a Negro makes a spirited attack on racial discrimination. What Cambridge says about the work Chap. His children symbolize the children of the "new republic", teaching them so they can be good citizens. Apuntes del texto — different edition than one recommended on comps list.

Don't be scandalized by the things I've done. My mom was no good and my dad was a pushover and that's why I turned out like this. They gave into my whims, fed me whenever, overdressed me so I was never cold and all of this made we a weak and sickly little booger. Everyone was called by a nickname. Mine was Periquillo Sarniento. Everytime they hit him, he seemed to get worse.

His third school and his parents' debate about giving him an oficio. Mom doesn't want a trade because that would denigrate his name. Father is more practical, "What does his name have to do with him being able to make an honorable living?

Chapter 4. Some jobs need a certain body type. Says that he learned to make sophisms and "oscurecer la verdad. Gets his B. Makes an aside-says she writing this from his bed so of course it's going to be disorganized. The happenings at the hacienda. Periquillo says he was surprised by the perversidad and maldad of his friend. Really, like a shoemaker can judge a shoemake, a bad guy can judge other bad guy's behavior.

Periquillo talks to his dad. Dad says, "You're growing up. DOn't be a poet; they're poor. I want you to learn a trade that will let you earn a living. Says he wants to be a chaplain so father recommends he learn indigenous language so he can be a vicar and administer the scraments.

Priests must be the salt of the earth! Doctors of faith! Upset because it was a day of fasting While Peri is trying to figure out ways to dodge life at the convent, his father gets sick, dies and he leaves him a note- follow the 10 commandments, they're on point. Januario snaps back, "Consejos y bigotes, ya no se usan. Tomo II. Everything up to this point is lovely compared to the crimes that follow.

People who don't know how to use money spend it poorly and damage themselves and others in the process. When my father died, all of the good food at the funeral brought lots of "mourners.

Peri better and danced away all his money, which force mom to live in room that was bajo e indecente. Animals take good care of their babies and once their grown, they send them out on their own forever.

Yet, human mothers, who have a dangerous pregnancy, difficult crianza, never give up taking care of their children. Even if they only loved us as long as a chicken, we'd still owe our mothers. Mentions how a debt collector came and took his measly furniture as payment. Januario teaches him this way to earn money- "hacerse dinero sin arriesgar un ochavo en el juego. Mentions men who don't work on monday, not for any other reason than to sober up after Sunday's debauchery.

Peri gets involved in fights because they catch him cheating people. Peri is in the hospital. Critiques the lazy treatment of nurses at hospital. Januario tries to justify his stealing of thing Then, Peri responds that when a man is determined to do something, he'll justify it however he wants. And just because there are many thieves doesn't make it ok to steal. The servant yells, "Ladrones! He gets roped in because he's wearing the same sarape as Januario.

Some guy sees him in jail, feels bad for him and helps him out Get married and wants to spend her money walking around town. Finds out- "mujer hermosa es una alhaja que excita la codicia del hombre. Critique of the influence of malos escribanos on judges, which can cause corruption.

Friends make fun of him in jail. Start to throw urine on him! I don't want to remember what follows, but So, tells his friend Domingo to hide out in his room and do what needs to be done in case that guy comes by.

So, when the marques tries to sneak in one night and maybe rape his wife, Domingo gets him! Also: includes life-like dialogue - e. But, wife doesn't want him to be killed. Rhetoric : my wife told me these things just as I am writing them. Plants tobacco in clothes given to Peri to set him up, make him look like a smuggler.

Faces jail again. Freed when Marques is on his deathbed, confessing sins. I acted badly because of the example of mis malos amigos. Might have been better if they were virtuous folks, like Don Antonio who's on his best behavior to get out of jail and go home to see his wife. Then, Antonio leaves and he starts hanging with gentuza again. But, one day that guy got off his rocker and beat some people up.

In jail, Peri was robbed of the things Antonio had given him. He has "delirios de grandeza" and thinks he might be able to get out of jail claiming relation to nobility. And even gets to live at his house! Pedro critiques malos escribanos. Tells about a criminal who falls in the hands of justice. He confessed his crimes because they were undeniable. Escribano says he can't really help him. But, his sister begged escribano more on his behalf. Then something bad happens and sister says, "I had you taken for an hombre de bien , but what you did wasn't right.

It's even easy to confuse escribanos instruidos con criminalista trapaceros. Tells another anecdote i wasn't paying good attention


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