Mineralization of soil-aged isoproturon and isoproturon metabolites by Sphingomonas sp. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of aging of the herbicide isoproturon and its metabolites monodesmethyl- isoproturon and 4-isopropyl-aniline in agricultural soil on their availability to the degrading bacterium Sphingomonas sp. The 14C-ring-labeled isoproturon , monodesmethyl- isoproturon , and 4-isopropyl-aniline were added to sterilized soil and stored for 1, 49, 71, or d before inoculation with strain SRS2. The availability of the compounds was estimated from the initial mineralization and the amount of 14CO2 recovered after d of incubation. Aging in soil for d reduced the initial mineralization of isoproturon and monodesmethyl- isoproturon and, in the case of isoproturon , also reduced the recovery of 14CO2.

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Guideline adherence in physical therapy is far from optimal, which has consequences for the effectiveness and efficiency of physical therapy care. Programmes to enhance guideline adherence have, so far, been relatively ineffective. We systematically developed a theory-based Quality Improvement in Physical Therapy QUIP programme aimed at the individual performance level practicing physiotherapists; PTs and the practice organization level practice quality manager; PQM.

The aim of the study was to pilot test the multilevel QUIP programme's effectiveness and the fidelity, acceptability and feasibility of its implementation. Guideline adherence was measured using clinical vignettes that addressed 12 quality indicators reflecting the guidelines' main recommendations.

Determinants of adherence were measured using quantitative methods questionnaires. Delivery of the programme and management changes were assessed using qualitative methods observations, group interviews, and document analyses. Changes in adherence and determinants were tested in the paired samples T- tests and expressed in effect sizes Cohen's d. Overall adherence did not change 3.

Adherence to one quality indicator decreased Scores on various determinants of individual performance improved and favourable changes at practice organizational level were observed. Improvements were associated with the programme's multilevel approach, collective goal setting, and the application of self-regulation; unfavourable findings with programme deficits.

The one-group pre-test post-test design limits the internal validity of the study, the self-selected sample its external validity. The QUIP programme has the potential to change physical. Use of a national continuing medical education meeting to provide simulation-based training in temporary hemodialysis catheter insertion skills: a pre-test post-test study. Simulation-based-mastery-learning SBML is an effective method to train nephrology fellows to competently insert temporary, non-tunneled hemodialysis catheters NTHCs.

Describe the correlation of demographic factors, prior experience with NTHC-insertion and procedural self-confidence with simulated performance of the procedure.

Pre-test - post-test study. Nephrology fellows, internal medicine residents and medical students. Participants were surveyed regarding demographics, prior NTHC-insertion experience, procedural self-confidence and attitudes regarding the training they received.

NTHC-insertion skills were assessed using a item checklist. Participants underwent a pre-test of their NTHC-insertion skills at the internal jugular site using a realistic patient simulator and ultrasound machine. On the following day, trainees completed a post- test of their NTHC-insertion skills. Twenty-two individuals participated in SBML training. Small sample-size and. The impact of Nursing Rounds on the practice environment and nurse satisfaction in intensive care: pre-test post-test comparative study.

Factors previously shown to influence patient care include effective decision making, team work, evidence based practice, staffing and job satisfaction.

Clinical rounds have the potential to optimise these factors and impact on patient outcomes, but use of this strategy by intensive care nurses has not been reported. To determine the effect of implementing Nursing Rounds in the intensive care environment on patient care planning and nurses' perceptions of the practice environment and work satisfaction. Pre-test post-test 2 group comparative design.

Two intensive care units in tertiary teaching hospitals in Australia. Issues raised during Nursing Rounds were described and categorised.

The characteristics of the sample and scale scores were summarised with differences between pre and post scores analysed using t- tests for continuous variables and chi-square tests for categorical variables.

Nursing Rounds resulted in changes being initiated for patients reviewed; these changes related to the physical, psychological--individual, psychological--family, or professional practice aspects of care. The NWSS sub-scale of interaction between nurses improved in the intervention unit during the study period pre Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Design: Pre-test — post- test study. Setting: Canadian Society of Nephrology annual meeting.

Participants: Nephrology fellows, internal medicine residents and medical students. Measurements: Participants were surveyed regarding demographics, prior NTHC-insertion experience, procedural self-confidence and attitudes regarding the training they received.

Methods: Participants underwent a pre-test of their NTHC-insertion skills at the internal jugular site using a realistic patient simulator and ultrasound machine. Participants then had a training session that included a didactic presentation and 2 hours of deliberate practice using the simulator. Results of a pre-test post-test study on an educational intervention for nursing staff.

Delirium is a common and serious complication of hospitalisation in older adults. It can lead to prolonged hospital stay, institutionalisation, and even death. However, it often remains unrecognised or is not managed adequately. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of an educational intervention for nursing staff on three aspects of clinical practice concerning delirium in older hospitalised patients: the frequency and correctness of screening for delirium using the item Delirium Observation Screening score DOS , and the frequency of geriatric consultations requested for older patients.

The a priori expectations were that there would be an increase in all three of these outcomes. We designed an educational intervention and implemented this on two inpatient hospital units. Before providing the educational session, the nursing staff was asked to fill out two questionnaires about delirium in older hospitalised patients.

The educational session was then tailored to each unit based on the results of these questionnaires. Additionally, posters and flyers with information on the screening and management of delirium were provided and participants were shown where to find additional information. Relevant data outcomes, demographics and background patient data were collected retrospectively from digital medical files. Data was retrospectively collected for four different time points: three pre-test and one post- test.

The educational intervention was fairly successful in making positive changes in clinical practice: after the educational session an improvement in the frequency and correctness of screening for delirium was observed. A trend, though not.

Miller, J. The principal mechanism for developing orbital debris environment models, is to make observations of larger pieces of debris in the range of several centimeters and greater using radar and optical techniques. For particles that are smaller than this threshold, breakup and migration models of particles to returned surfaces in lower orbit are relied upon to quantify the flux.

This reliance on models to derive spatial densities of particles that are of critical importance to spacecraft make the unique nature of the EFT-1's return surface a valuable metric. To this end detailed post-flight inspections have been performed of the returned EFT-1 backshell, and the inspections identified six candidate impact sites that were not present during the pre -flight inspections. This paper describes the post-flight analysis efforts to characterize the EFT-1 mission craters. This effort included ground based testing to understand small particle impact craters in the thermal protection material, the pre - and post-flight inspection, the crater analysis using optical, X-ray computed tomography CT and scanning electron microscope SEM techniques, and numerical simulations.

Studies investigating the effectiveness of delirium e-learning tools in clinical practice are scarce. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of a delirium e-learning tool on healthcare workers' delirium recognition, delirium knowledge and care strain in delirium.

A pilot pre -posttest study in a convenience sample of 59 healthcare workers recruited from medical, surgical, geronto-psychiatric and rehabilitation units of a university hospital. The intervention consisted of a live information session on how to use the e-learning tool and, a 2-month self-active learning program.

The tool included 11 e-modules integrating knowledge and skill development in prevention, detection and management of delirium. Case vignettes, the Delirium Knowledge Questionnaire, and the Strain of Care for Delirium Index were used to measure delirium recognition, delirium knowledge and experienced care strain in delirium respectively.

Subgroup analyses were performed for healthcare workers completing 0 to 6 versus 7 to 11 modules. The delirium recognition score improved significantly mean 3. The knowledge score significantly improved in the posttest compared to the pretest phase mean The effect.

Orbital debris in the millimeter size range can pose a hazard to current and planned spacecraft due to the high relative impact speeds in Earth orbit. Fortunately, orbital debris has a relatively short life at lower altitudes due to atmospheric effects; however, at higher altitudes orbital debris can survive much longer and has resulted in a band of high flux around to 1, km above the surface of the Earth.

While large orbital debris objects are tracked via ground based observation, little information can be gathered about small particles except by returned surfaces, which until the Orion Exploration Flight Test number one EFT-1 , has only been possible for lower altitudes to km. The EFT-1 crew module backshell, which used a porous, ceramic tile system with surface coatings, has been inspected post-flight for potential micrometeoroid and orbital debris MMOD damage.

This paper describes the pre - and post-flight activities of inspection, identification and analysis of six candidate MMOD impact craters from the EFT-1 mission. Reliability and smallest real difference of the ankle lunge test post ankle fracture. This study aimed to determine the reliability and the smallest real difference of the Ankle Lunge test in an ankle fracture patient population.

In the post immobilisation stage of ankle fracture, ankle dorsiflexion is an important measure of progress and outcome. The Ankle Lunge test measures weight bearing dorsiflexion, resulting in negative scores knee to wall distance and positive scores toe to wall distance , for which the latter has proven reliability in normal subjects only.

A consecutive sample of ankle fracture patients with permission to commence weight bearing, were recruited to the study. Three measurements of the Ankle Lunge Test were performed each by two raters, one senior and one junior physiotherapist. These occurred prior to therapy sessions in the second week after plaster removal.

A standardised testing station was utilised and allowed for both knee to wall distance and toe to wall distance measurement. Data was collected from 10 individuals with ankle fracture, with an average age of 36 years SD Seventy seven percent of observations were negative. Intra and inter-rater reliability yielded intra class correlations at or above 0.

All rights reserved. Retroactive interference RI in list learning occurs when the learning of a second list of words interferes with the recall of the first learned list. Having the lists be thematically different can reduce retroactive interference within list learning; however, this study demonstrates how RI can be reduced when the lists contain similar words.

In an age of student accountability, public school systems must find procedures for identifying effective schools, classrooms, and teachers that help students continue to learn academically. As a result, researchers have been modeling schools and classrooms to calculate productivity indicators that will withstand not only statistical review but….

Testing post -editing guidelines. This paper reports on a qualitative study that investigates how trainee translators on an MA course, which is aimed at preparing the trainees for the translation industry, interpret these PE guidelines The findings suggest trainees have difficulties interpreting the guidelines, primarily due to trainee competency gaps, but also due to the wording of the guidelines.

Based on our findings we propose training measures to address these competency gaps. Furthermore, we provide post


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