Emoticon Emoticon. EC Mobile Communication Syllabus. To make the students to know about the various modulation techniques, propagation methods, coding and multi access techniques used in the mobile communication. Various wireless network systems and standards are to be introduced. This also demonstrates the principle of trunking efficiency and how trunking and interference issues between mobile and base stations combine to affect the overall capacity of cellular systems.

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What is i! What is FSK'. What is PSK' 4. What is QAM' 5. What a, th TDMA. Briefly explain the different types of Digital Modulation techniques.

Briefly explain the different types of linear modulation techniques. Define multiple access techniques and briefly explain them. In detail explain the Cellular concepts. What are the issues and challenges of wireless networks? Explain them. Explain Mobility management and handover technologies and All-IP based cellular network. Define Adhoc network. Explain Adhoc routing protocol. Define wireless sensor network.

What is meant by peer-to-peer network? Define DSR. Explain Mobility models. What are the advantages of P2P networks? What are the disadvantages of Reactive routing. Explain in detail about Ad-hoc networks and Ad-hoc routing. Explain in detail about Sensor networks and Peer-Peer networks. Briefly explain the different types of Mobile routing protocols. Define mobility models and briefly explain them. Explain in detail about Reactive routing and Location aided routing.

What are the issues in mobile networking? What is the need for Network Security? What are the Types of unauthorized access 4. Define Ad-hoc networks 5. What are the Different levels of security? Explain Authentication versus identification. Define Mobile IP 9. What do you mean by Home network and Home address? Briefly explain the Issues and challenges of mobile networks. Give the difference between Authentication and identification? Write a short note on Authentication in mobile applications.

Explain in detail about Privacy issues in Mobile Networks. Explain in detail about Security issues. W,it th. Design and evaluate the performance of various routing protocols of mobile using network simulator any one. Design and evaluate the performance of routing protocols of wireless networks using network simulator any one.

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Mobile and Wireless Communication q.b

What is i! What is FSK'. What is PSK' 4. What is QAM' 5.

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