Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Table Of Contents 9 2. Machine automation controller nx-series position interface units pages.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Table Of Contents 8 3. Machine automation controller nx-series position interface units pages. Page 2 Terms. Page 3 2 No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein. Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual.

These abbreviations mean the following. Page 5 J Notice: OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified opera- tor and only for the purposes described in this manual. The following conventions are used to indicate and classify precautions in this manual. Always heed the information provided with them. F Do not cover the area around the E5AK. Ensure sufficient space around the controller to allow heat radiation.

Page 8: Table Of Contents Read this chapter while referring to the parameter descrip- tions in chapter 5. Page First-time users should read this chapter without fail. For details on how to use the controller and parameter settings, see Chapters 2 onwards. Page 14 Nine output units are available to suit the output circuit configuration. When using transfer output, add on the communication unit EAKF. Page Parameters And Menus 1. Heater burnout latch function, position-proportional travel time and remote SP scaling param- eters are also located in this mode.

F Calibration mode This mode is provided so that the user can calibrate inputs and transfer output. Page Selecting Parameters 1. So, control outputs and auxiliary output are turned OFF. If the communications function is required, add on the communications unit.

So, the user need not calibrate the E5AK controller during regular use. However, if the E5AK controller must be calibrated by the user, use the parameters provided for user to calibrate temperature input, analog input voltage, current and transfer output.

So, this setup operation unnecessary. Do not replace with other output units. F Procedure 1 Check the positions of the sockets you are about to insert the output units into as shown in the following diagram. Page Panel Cutout J Dimensions When replacing the output unit, use the ER. Page 32 2. However, note that ter- 31 32 minal Nos. Page Input Type 3. The following table summarizes which output-related parameter settings are supported. Position- Standard Parameter proportional Type Type Control output 1 assignment Control output 2 assignment Auxiliary output 1 assignment Auxiliary output 2 assignment Page 40 3.

Alarm Output Operation Page Alarm Hysteresis 3. Page Starting And Stopping Operation 3. Page 48 3. However, note that the ST function op- erates only during standard control by temperature input. Read this chapter while referring to the parameter descriptions in chapter 5. Parameters are factory-set to heating control. Accordingly, control outputs 1 and 2 cannot be used as output assignments. Page Operating Condition Restrictions If a limiter change in the manipulated variable exceeds this parameter setting, the value calculated by the E5AK is reached while changing the value by the per-second value set in this parameter.

Page Manipulated Variable Restrictions 4. Page 60 4. If the heater power supply is turned ON conditions after turning the E5AK power supply On, the heater burnout alarm is output. Page Lba 4. Use this chapter as a reference guide.

Conventions Used in this Chapter Protect Mode. However, note that the settings of protected parameters are still valid, and are not displayed regardless of the conditions of use. Before changing parameters in this mode, first make sure that protecting the menu key or key will not cause any problems in operation. In other words, you cannot switch between the auto and manual operations by key operation. When changing the manipulated variable, change it using the keys.

These parameters include parameters for executing AT auto-tuning , setting the alarm values, setting the control period, and setting PID parameters. Function Setting Range Unit Default 0. These parame- ters include parameters for limiting the manipulated variable and set point, parame- ters for switching between remote and local operation, and parameters for setting the LBA Loop Break Alarm , alarm hysteresis, and input digital filter values.

Page 88 Function on the E5AK controller. You can check the parameter setting by both communications and on the E5AK con- troller regardless of whether the controller is switched to remote or local operation. When the manipulated variable calculated by the E5AK controller is outside of the upper-and lower-limit range, the upper limit or Function lower limit set to these parameters is output, respectively.

Function Unit Default Setting Range 0. Set value Input Type Dur- ing operation of the ST function, the power on the load side connected to the control output must be turned ON at the same time or before start of E5AK operation. In this mode, you can set the communications conditions, transfer output and event input parameters to match the type of option unit set in the controller. Page Event Input Assignment Option Mode Event input assignment 1 Event input assignment 3 Event input assignment 2 Event input assignment 4 Conditions of Use Event input other than the multi-SP func- tion must be specified when the event input function is in use.

Make sure that the stop bit, data length, parity and baud rate of the host computer and the E5AK controller are matching. These parameters are valid when the power is turned ON again or when Function level 0 to 2 modes are switched. Page 1 to Second Comment F Related article 4. That is, to the SP mode can be specified.

This chapter describes operations as viewed from the host computer. Page Cable Connections Nos. The total resis- tance of both ends should be at least W. Host computer E5AK No. For details on the host computer, see the relevant manual supplied with the host computer. Page Command Configuration The start character. This character must be inserted before the leading byte. Page 6. Use this end code to remedy errors that may occur.

If the communications condition of the host computer and E5AK controller match, then a probable cause is a problem in the communications circuit of one or both of the host com- puter and E5AK controller. The input format is as follows. The FCS and terminator are automatically generated, and need not be input.

However, when actually creating programs, do not leave spaces between frame items. Read this chapter only when the controller must be calibrated. Page Structure Of Parameters ] is displayed. Also, do not touch the input terminals Nos. Page 7. If the transfer output function is not sup- thermocouple 1 ported, skips steps 7 to If the transfer output function is not sup- thermocouple 2 ported, skips steps 7 to Page Calibrating Platinum Resistance Thermometer 7.

When the value on the No. Page Calibrating Current Input 7. However, note that the DMM is required only when the transfer output function is sup- ported. Press the key.

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Omron E5AK User Manual



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FAQ00541 of Temperature Controllers FAQ



Omron E5AK User Manual


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