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Phire Up Your Creativity. Your Complete Photo Editing Toolkit These intuitive, easy-to-use, tools are perfect for personal and business use. Perfect your photos in just a few clicks! Photo Eraser Remove unwanted objects from any photo.

Photo Focus Magically fix blurry photos and refocus in 1 click! Book Info: Sorry! You can easily crop, adjust your saturation, and add creative effects like filters, frames, and vignettes. Easily Remove or Replace the Backgrounds of Your Photos Whether you want a transparent background for an image, or just want a different background than your photo has by default, Photo Cutter makes it easy to get the results you want. Erase Unwanted Objects Without Impacting the Background You can easily remove anything that spoils your photo, or clone any part, without pixel-by-pixel precise selection.

Our algorithm analyzes the surroundings and automatically fill in the area with matched textures. Fix Blurry Photos in 1 Click Make your photos sharp and clear. Photo Focus has presets for architecture, landscapes, portraits and close-ups.

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Introduccion Al Derecho Economico - Jorge Witker Velasquez



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