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All functions can be used through the iPaper server as a Windows service. The processing is done by folder monitoring. Different actions and parameters can be set for each folder. The actions are executed in the order defined by you. Actions can be used several times. Set configurations can be exported and imported.

On the basis of content and conditions, documents can be recognized, shared and metadata read out; content-controlled stationery can be deposited, printed and sent by e-mail. Dynamic integration of pre-defined backgrounds regardless of function and ability of the application.

Design of manuals, brochures, product sheets with a unique CI and multiple template use for multi-page documents and selectable stationery configurations possible. The settings of the software and all functions can be controlled and influenced by XML commands. View Thumb and full screen before completion and check whether corrections still need to be made. You can easily buy our products in our WebShop.

Of course you can also inquire directly and get an offer from us for your order. The products are installed as a DEMO version at the workplace and can be tested with all functions for 30 days.

Afterwards, the software must be activated as a full version, otherwise a DEMO stamp will be applied to the generated documents. The products are licensed according to your order for the workstation, terminal server or server. The licenses are tied to the workplace where it was activated first. Licenses can be transferred. When you purchase a full license, you will receive access data from the ProductActivationManager and activate your DEMO version as a full version.

The activation key is called via a server installed in our house and accessible via the Internet. Concurrent Use for Terminal Server: The software is installed on the Terminal Server for any number of users in the concurrent user license model. The server registers the number of licenses currently issued and grants each authorized user the right to use. If all licenses are assigned, an additional concurrent user must wait until another user terminates his session and a license is available again.

Activate the product with user ID and password. You will be prompted for user ID and password and then see all the remaining free licenses to choose from.

This variant requires an internet connection! Please note that the licenses are hardware bound. The use on another computer is possible only through a prior release MOVE of the already activated licenses.

This option allows to transfer a license to a different PC. Input of UserID und Passwort is necessary! Product will remain as demo version on your PC. Workstation or TerminalServer is defined by license! Can be used as a day DEMO after downloading! With a license to the full version.

Requires administrator rights for the installation and. NET Runtime version 4. Not for use as a print server, enabling the installed printer driver on the server and share it. For iPaper version 3. Key features of the PDFmdx application have been integrated into iPaper.

Documents can be recognized on the basis of content, the corresponding stationery can be selected, or field, template and layout definitions can be used to read out information from the document. Fields … Continued. With version 3. NET interface to query and set different functions and settings of the iPaper client from own applications.

In order to illustrate the available functions or to be able to test, a C sample project including source code and executable application is … Continued. Innovations — iPaper 3.


How to Convert iPaper to PDF

Scribd has taken another step toward its goal of becoming the YouTube of online document sharing. IPaper eliminates the need for separate software downloads like Adobe Acrobat Reader for instance and weighs in at just k, which means it loads very quickly. There are also a variety of views, from an outline overview to individual pages, which can be zoomed up to to percent. The copy and paste features are a little buggy — they seem to work on most documents, but then occasionally fail — but otherwise iPaper is a fantastic little app and offers a far better way to handle document files on the web than the traditional download link. Perhaps even more interesting for some is the ability to embed Google text ads inside the iPaper documents, a feature that may well mean Google will scoop up Scribd at some point. Scribd also has a new API for iPaper which allows you to integrate the functionality into your own website.


How to convert a paper to PDF

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iPaper: a Simple Way to View and Share Documents on the Web



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