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Additional channel features include unbalanced inserts and input Trim controls with individual Zero Level LEDs, 3-band EQ with swept midrange, and Hz low cut filters for eliminating mic rumble.

The mixers also offer phase-accurate 9-band stereo graphic EQ for easy tonal shaping and feedback supression. All three models allow two separate stage monitor mixes to be created with their own effects levels. See how its done here. Sweet touches abound on the CFX. Perfect for those moments when you have to take care of business offstage, and don't want some overzealous fan grabbing a mic to belt out "Free Bird. Our EMAC effects sound clean and realistic — especially compared to the crude, jangling bit effects on most of the other "effects" mixers on the market.

Their sturdy-yet-light steel monocoque construction houses rugged, double-sided SMT-plated fiberglass circuit boards, and 60mm faders with ultra-tight lip seals for keeping out contaminants. Onyx mixer-style knobs are mounted so they "ride" just above the steel chassis and absorb impacts without transferring damage to the internal components.

And like all Mackie mixers, the CFX. What's new in CFX. New impact-resisting rubber side panels for better durability. New ergonomic updates including sturdier, more precise Onyx Series knobs. And new graphics, for better visibility in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

Best of all, the new CFX. Description Features Specifications. Clear Com. Sound Devices. Data video. Visit Us Mackie CFX Onyx Onyx i. VLZ3 Compact Mixers. ON-Stage Mixers. PPM Powered Mixers. Compact Mixers. Recording Interfaces. Control Surfaces. Active Monitors. Monitor Controls. Portable Powered. High-def Powered. Portable Passive.

Powered Mixers. Music Prod Software. Loudspeaker Bags. Loudspeaker Covers. Loudspeaker Hardware. Mixer Bags. Mixer Covers. Mixer Hardware. Model: CFX


Mackie CFX12 12-Channel Compact Integrated Live Sound Mixer



Mackie CFX12 Compact Mixer with Effects (12x4x1)


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