You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Working languages:. Send email. More actions.

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You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers.

Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Working languages:. Send email. More actions. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again 4 positive reviews 3 unidentified. Rate service provider. Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. There is no doubt that Mrs.

These were tested to contain almost 12 kilograms of high purity cocaine, 92 percent or 93 percent. The sole issue in this case is that of knowledge: has the crown proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Mrs. The surrounding facts are not in issue. She was born in Peru, and after her refugee claim in Canada was granted, she has returned frequently to her home country.

In , and and up to the time of this offence in April , she had made at least nine trips home to Lima and back to Montreal.

Most of these, as shown by her passport, were of short duration, three, four or five days. She testified that she went either alone for purposes such as liposuction treatment or with one of her children. The trip on this occasion was for two weeks and she travelled with three of her four children, her nephew and her mother-in-law. I accept that it is a frequent practice of persons returning to their native countries, such as Peru, to take back goods and products for friends and family and to return back to Canada with items from their home country, such as foodstuffs, which may be difficult to purchase in Canada.

She knew that in declaring such items she would very likely be searched. She was aware that fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, would sometimes be confiscated. Nonetheless, on this occasion she returned with products including red and yellow peppers, chillies and a type of potato not found in Canada, and other fruits and vegetables native to Peru.

She expected that she would be searched. Where knowledge is a component of the mens rea, knowledge may be proved by wilful blindness, which can substitute for actual knowledge. The doctrine of wilful blindness imputes knowledge to an accused who has suspicions such that he or she sees the need for further inquiries but deliberately chooses not to make those inquiries.

The Supreme Court of Canada has recently reviewed and reaffirmed the test in R. Briscoe, [] SCC As stated in that case, the Supreme Court of Canada had earlier in R. Jorgensen, [] 4 S. In all of the cases and commentary in support, as pointed out in Briscoe, it is important to emphasize that wilful blindness is distinct from recklessness. It has limited scope. It is equivalent to actual knowledge in the sense that it can almost be said that the accused actually knew, but in effect intended to cheat the administration of justice by deliberately refraining from obtaining confirmation of what he or she suspected because he or she wanted to be able to deny knowledge.

Failure to inquire may be evidence of recklessness or criminal negligence, but failure to inquire that is a marked departure from the conduct expected of a reasonable person, such that it amounts to deliberately failing to inquire and deliberately remaining ignorant amounts to wilful blindness. Even where a person makes some inquiries as to the content of items he is asked to bring in a suitcase or other vehicle, it is nonetheless open to a trier of fact to find that he or she still harboured suspicions, such that the concept of wilful blindness fixed him or her with knowledge: R.

In this case both actual knowledge and wilful blindness must be assessed as potential bases of liability. Los hechos circundantes no se han cuestionado. La Sra. Donde el saber es un componente de mens rea, el conocimiento puede ser probado por la ceguera voluntaria que puede sustituir al conocimiento real.

Tiene un alcance limitado. Algunos lo han denominado, una "ignorancia deliberada". El no hacer averiguaciones puede ser indicio de imprudencia o negligencia criminal, pero negarse a hacerlas a contramarcha de lo razonable, equivalente a deliberadamente dejar de investigar y permanecer en la ignorancia, eso constituye la ceguera voluntaria.

En este caso tanto la ceguera intencional como el conocimiento real deben ser evaluados como posibles fundamentos de responsabilidad. English to Spanish: What is Quantum Express?

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Retain for personal use or; 3. Instructions for Recipient 1. Instrucciones para el Destinatario a 1. Agua corporal. Flsico-quimica del agua; los electrolitos. Distribution del agua; gradientes de concentration. Control del volumen intracelular. Relaciones con el tracto gastro-intestinal y el rinon.

Diferencias regionales de la microanatomia. Degiucion y defecacion. Regulacion de las mismas. Estructuras oseas que forman parte de las paredes de la cavidad bucal.

Limites y division. Partes blandas que limitan la boca. Musculos cutaneos. Piso de la boca: celdas submaxilar y sublingual y sus contenidos. Regiones anexas a la boca; parotidea y pterigomaxilar, comunicaciones. Sistematizacion del aparato de mastication y de inervacion secretoria. Inervacion de la lengua. Topografla general del cuello. Regiones perifaringeas. Topografla, relaciones y contenido. Division topografica. Irrigation, inervacion, linfaticos.

Constitucion anatomica de la pared antero-lateral del abdomen, piel, celular subcutaneo, red venosa superficial y sistema anastomotico subcutaneo. Division topografica de la pared abdominal. Musculos anchos, inserciones e inervacion. Funcion de conjunto de la musculatura abdominal. Puntos debiles de interes quirurgico. Canal inguinal y su contenido. Defmicion y concepto.

Topografla general de la cavidad peritoneal. Recesos y fondos de saco. Definition de mesos, epiplones y ligamentos. Embriologia del peritoneo. Mesenterio: constitucion, raiz del mesenterio, contenido. Irrigacion, inervacion y linfaticos. Defmicion, limites. Division topografica y anatomica. Sistemas anastomoticos y de suplencia vasculares. Principales fascias de acolamiento de interes quirurgico. Configuration interna. ProyeCcion parietal. Descripcion, caras, bordes, relaciones: trascavidad de los epiplones.

Inervacion, irrigacion y linfaticos. Anatomia endoscopica y radiologica. Topografla toraco-abdominal. Descripcion del organo y pedlculo. Hormonal y nervioso.



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