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I have a Bernina Deco Can I do free motion quilting on it? Without the embroidery frame? I look forward to your response and to embroidering soon. Hi, Kay. As far as I can find, free motion quilting is not an option on the Deco , but you could check with Bernina if you want to be sure on that.

I've found a bunch of videos online picturing free motion quilting on Bernina machines, but none of the machines resemble the Deco Thank you Heather. I was afraid of that. What contact information do you have for Bernina? I only find ads. Yes, I understand. I can't find an email address for Bernina, but I did find the following "support request" page you can use to contact them:.

I just purchased a used Bernini Deco embroidery machine. I have a few questions. I am using it for home use only. Can you tell me what the differences of the ultimate box basic and plus are, and also the differences in the Ultimate card types? I don't understand why and how to fix it?

Can you help me? Needle breaks on my experience usually occur when the thread is not flowing freely. If thread is getting caught on the spool for instance, often the thread is not what breaks, rather it is the needle.

Athread stand can often alleviate the problem, depending on the style of spool. Hi, Gena. Thanks for your questions. The Ultimate Box Basic and Plus are basically the same except the Plus box has these extra features:. The Ultimate Cards differ in which machines they are compatible with. Hi, Stephanie. This machine does not take floppies or USB Sticks.

It takes memory cards, so you could purchase ready made cards or invest in a transfer box such as the Ultimate Box see linked products on this page. I recently got this machine from my mom in order to embroider my son's logo for his new business on a few items. I have never used the machine before and was wondering what the easiest way to do this would be.

Do I need software? Excellent question! Whether you need software at this point depends on whether you have your son's logo in an embroidery format, such as. If you have that on a memory card for the machine, you don't need anything further as far as software is concerned.

If you don't have that, then you'll need to either get the logo in. If creating the logo for embroidery yourself, you will probably need software. It is possible that the machine has the lettering and shapes that you need on-board, but it's not likely. I am a fibre artist and would use this machine for free motion machine embroidery. I would never use the frame as I sew on a heavy cotton canvas.

Is this possible? I am interested in buying it because of the extra room in the throat and I have just seen a second hand one. Hi Kathryn, I don't have much experience with free motion embroidery. I think the hoop bar that you see in the middle of the throat plate would get in your way. They tend to have more room in the throat, and can have the embroidery arm removed so that you can use all of the space.

I just purchased this machine. Is that correct? Where can I find a Manuel? I've never used an embroidery machine and appreciate any help I can get. Thanks so much!

Hi Rebecca, Manuals lib has a lot of manuals. I am new to the embroidery. I have a deco has a memory card but no magic box how do I get info or patterns on the. If you're interested in a blank card and transfer box in order to put designs onto a card for your machine, I can recommend the Ultimate Box Basic or Plus and a Type I Ultimate Card, which are available here at Embroidery.

Hi, Shelly. Thanks for the good question. Please let me know if you need further information. I have this machine, Bernina Deco , and would like to get additional hoops that will fit and allow a larger design than the 4x4.

Sara, Heather is correct that this machine will only stitch up to 4. However, a larger hoop will allow you to stitch more of those small designs per hoop. If you are at all interested in using software to expand your stitching area, rather than getting a larger hoop, I would suggest looking into Embrilliance Enthusiast 's design splitting tools. Basically, you would get a large hoop and a large design and then use the software to split it into pieces that you could use, first stitching one piece, then the next, until the design is complete.

Hi, Sara. I'm sorry but my understanding is that the 4. If you want to embroider larger designs, you would probably need to invest in a new machine. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. LOGIN account. Contact us Privacy Policy Return Policy. Reply to Kay F. Please Login to comment on this post. Reply to Heather B. Reply to Gena E.

Reply to Kirsten S. The Ultimate Box Basic and Plus are basically the same except the Plus box has these extra features: - Automatically resize the design with stitches re-calculated to fit the hoop on your embroidery machine. I'll ask one of my coworkers to give you some suggestions on your breaking needles.

Reply to Stephanie M. Thank you! Reply to Karen E. Hi Karen, Excellent question! Hello there I am a fibre artist and would use this machine for free motion machine embroidery. Reply to Kathryn H. Reply to Rebecca W. I have a deco has a memory card but no magic box how do I get info or patterns on the memory card. Hi Pearl, Thanks for the questions. I inherited this machine from my mom after she passed away. I do have several design cards, but I need one with baby stuff on it, any ideas. Reply to Shelly H.

Reply to Sara J. Please message us if you have additional info on this machine.


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