Next to 3D people and vegetation, rendering realistic gravel is one of the last remaining challenges when it comes to architectural visualization. Most 3D artists try to avoid graveled surfaces wherever possible. But gravel is a very important building material and cannot always be avoided — nor should it be. Its role in architecture, landscaping and even interior design will let this challenge persist.

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This website uses cookies, if you can believe it. By continuing on, you confirm that you haven't lived under a rock for the last 20 or so years and that you're aware what cookies are and what they do. Skip to content Login View Cart. Texture Browser. Modify Selection. Your selection contains textures. Crushed 1 gravel Crushed 2 gravel Crushed 3 gravel Mix 1 gravel Mix 2 gravel Mix 3 gravel Smoothed 1, round, Smoothed 2, round, Smoothed 3, round, Smoothed 4, flat, Pebbles 1, round, Pebbles 2, round, Pebbles 3, flat, Slate 1, flat, Slate 2, flat, Crushed 1, angular, Crushed 2, angular, Crushed 3, angular, Mix 1, Mix 2, Mix 3, Size px x px Resolution Resolution 5.

Included In. You can buy this texture as part of Gravel — Volume One. All-in-one Bundle gravel Gravel - Volume 1 slate stone. Included Accessories. Free Texture Base Maps. Worldwide Shipping. Direct Download. Secure Payment. Get In Touch. Arroway Textures. Get Notified. Subscribe to receive a notification via email whenever we release a new product.

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Arroway Textures - Gravel Volume One

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