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Blame the rumor mongers, not GW. Wishlisters and rumor mongers are the ones who get it wrong, and the readers e. I simply have to ask, though. What was the point of the random Helbrute? The Knight was its own faction, so a single-model release makes sense. New releases get a few boxes when their book drops.

Brad, the GW thought is that they won't release product without some sort of significant rule tie-in a solo White Dwarf article isn't sufficient.

They also aren't going to release a model that is unique to a dataslate but is not in a "main" codex. This is why Codex supplement : Crimson Slaughter. The Helbrute was finally ready for release and there was a spot in the production schedule for it mass pressing it.

They could have sat on it, and mothballed it on stock shelves until a more fitting codex release window was ready, like say Iron Warriors. But the board is really pushing them to get finished product out the doors. If they've invested money in the tooling for the sprues they want to start seeing a return. An Iron Warriors codex requires a lot more planning, thought and rules writing than Crimson Slaughter that are just a slight variation from the standard C:CSM and they already did Black Legion so that doesn't leave them very many other "standard" Chaos variants.

Hopefully, a bit later down the road we'll see Codex: Iron Warriors that will allow more Daemon Engines to be fielded with enhanced options.

At least the model is out there now though for anyone who actually wants to field one, or maybe just to convert and paint a few. I really would like to see a supplement for Iron Warriors.

As much as I wish to see a supplement for alpha legion, thousand sons, night lords, mono god books, salamanders Well more than likely the kit exists I have to assume that chosen and cultists have kits coming, along with havocs but the mistake was assuming a multi week wave. We'll probably see them as splash releases down the road.

GW wants to clear stock of Dark Vengeance before the new starter set comes out. Best way is a codex tie-in and forcing people to get their possessed from the starter box. There are no Possessed in the DV starter box, Rob.

I think Ian is right. I think the weekly release schedule they're now on gives them a lot of flexibility to make "splash" releases of one-off kits that have been done, with some minor mini-dexes to tie them in. We've had all we're getting azrell. This is a bit disappointing though really, it's just another Space Marines vs X Apoc book. I'd bet there's at least one knight formation too, since House Terryn fought against tau during the third sphere of expansion. Id sacrifice any Oh GW how you have disappointed me!

At least on the bright side I will have more to spend at the Forgeworld Open Day We are Live Now and will be updating as the event unfolds right here. Good morning, …. Faeit Subscribe Us. Facebook Twitter. DrBored March 11, at AM. Angel of Brass March 11, at AM.

Unknown March 11, at AM. Unknown March 11, at PM. Trentat Hawat March 11, at PM. Occupy Terra March 11, at PM. BadTucker March 11, at AM. Azrell March 11, at PM. IndigoJack March 11, at PM. Unknown March 12, at AM. Nicholas Sacco March 13, at AM. Featured Post. Warhammer 40k The Big 40k Reveal is Live! A Brand New Edition 40k!!!!

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Must Contain Minis. A 32mm Tiger King Miniature? Is that a Miniature of the Tiger King that I see? Total 3D Printing. Or you may have gotten frustrated because y Paintbrush Threepwood. Recalcitrant Daze. Warpstone Flux. Not a Collector. Foldable Gaming Table. Malifaux Board. Part 4. It might not be the best gaming surface that have ever been created but I like it. It looks Unity Before Heresy. Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop. Confessions of a 40k addict.

A Butterfly's Hobby Tally. A few Grey Wizards and progress on the Uruk-hai Pikemen - I spent these past two weeks mainly on the remaining Uruk-hai Warriors but I managed to sneak some Gandalf miniatures in to save my sanity! They are driving me crazy - The third kind of monsters for the Nemesis Board Game is done.

The Void Seeders are ready to mess with your mind. Quindia Studios. We're going to need more skulls Almost Perftec. Today I'm sharing progress on my Blackstone Fortress Hostiles project.

For this week, I've Atomic Warlords.


This Week's Release: Apocalypse Warzone: Damocles

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Apocalypse War Zone - Damocles

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Apocalypse Warzone: Damocles (English)


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