Es tracta d'un objectiu "ull de peix" model Sigma Fisheye 4. The Digital Memory of the UPC is the new portal that collects, disseminates and guarantees the preservation of the photographic heritage of the University. There are more than 6, photographs in reports and they show the academic, social and cultural life of the UPC. Take part!

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All the built work by Alvaro Siza, both in Portugal and abroad, will serve as a basis for the reflection proposal to the enrolled group of students. The teaching method will encompass weekly sessions of orientation of the research group that during the Semester will study a previously defined subject; this subject will be elected, in the first few sessions, from the suggestions that will come from the students. These suggestions, after widely discussed among all, in terms of feasibility temporal and geographic , cultural and scientific relevance and breadth of interest within the group, will also be tested to demonstrate the ability to constitute itself as a subject of investigation sufficiently original and exciting for the success of a possible subsequent publication as a book.

The various sessions will be then rigorously planned, with mandatory weekly production and presentation of "tasks" visit reports, editing of photographic reports, book reviews, interview preparation, papers on the theme or general reflexions about the studied works , etc. The covered topics will vary over the years, becoming in practice in addition to a more or less stable basis in always different "summaries", which will feed the mentioned publications.

The frequency will be based on the attendance, on the interest and on the participation of the various elements of the group in achieving the proposed work. Elements whom will not be recognized relevant participation, or, equally, a satisfactory level of contribution to the final result, can not be considered fit.

Barcelona: Gustavo Gili. Serpentine Gallery pavilion London: Serpentine Gallery. Igreja de Santa Maria, Marco de Canavezes. Textos Lisboa: Blau.

Comuta visibilidade da coluna esquerda. Comuta visibilidade da coluna direita. Main Menu. Other occurrences See Lesson Summaries Exams. Recommend this page Top. Master Degree in Architecture. Theoretical classes.


Imaginar la evidencia

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1998 SIZA Imaginar a Evidencia



Imaginar la evidencia


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