Very disappointed. Feel free to eat the food I miss the spot in downtown long beach. So I drove here for some great wings. I love the service as well.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. I don't know why they have such mixes reviews more so bad ones too. I get they get busy, but their food is great and so are the drinks. My favorite pizza is "this thing of ours" which I get every time with the cheese balls. I've been here 3 times over the past year and so far good service despite it being busy. Going to order takeout tonight from here and super excited : this place is hands down better than wingstop or buffalo wild wings! I am so happy they're continuing to stay open during the quarantine, and can't wait to come back for happy hour when they resume dining room service.

As far as other recent reviews, I'm not even really not sure how this is even in the same ballpark as the ubiquitous national chains. Those places don't even fry their wings! I don't want soggy, clumpy oven baked chicken. Alondra lets me order all flats, has a great variety of sauces and flavors, a huge menu of specialty pizzas, salads, sandwiches, desserts, etc.

Side by side, I'm picking Alondra every time. The only thing I think could be streamlined is the ordering process and web presence. It's very confusing to figure out how to order online between this page, their web page, and the three other online services they display logos for on their website. Calling them by phone is useless, Chowhound doesn't seem to work even though it charged my credit card, and Postmates which I ultimately used doesn't allow tips which sucks for the Alondra staff who are busting their butts to stay open in a really weird time.

It would be helpful if they picked one service and make it obvious and consistent between the website, the Yelp page, etc. It's worth the effort right now though! Service is great! Even if they are busy they are kind and they bring the food out in a timely manner I mean when the food is ready it might take a while if you order hot wings. But always worth the wait. Dude was A1. Simply phenomenal. Food was good That is all.

Always great food when we come to this spot! I would totally recommend coming here! Our server Celine was very sweet and friendly. She made sure to check in with us frequently and even gave us a free cup of Stella Artois!

Love this place!! Parking is really easy to find across the street. Some of the tastiest wings around! Love their garlic Parmesan ones they bangin!

They have great carrots and ranch here. The sesame chicken pizza was a little too wet for me. Go with the wings unless you guys can recommend me a good pizza here! The menu definitely has changed since the last time I went. Definitely used to go for the pizza, but I would go for the wings mostly now.

They were still bomb! Also side notes, if youre going to get a veggie pizza, either dont Or ask for the veggies to be either extra crispy or well done or something. I've always wanted to try alondras after hearing good things about it and I finally got the chance to with ttwo of my friends!

We came around 6pm on a Saturday and surprisingly we got seated right away! We ended up getting 16 pieces of wings 8 piece honey bbq and 8 piece lemon pepper with a side of fries and Mac and cheese. The lemon pepper was super crispy and the flavor was on point same with Honey bbq! The insides of the wings are juicy and moist I literally cleaned everything off the bone! The wings are a little smaller than I hoped it would be. The Mac n cheese was pretty good super cheesy and the macaroni was cooked to perfection!

Fries were amazingggg super crispy and seasoned well! Definitely one of the better wing spots! If I could give no stars I would. Food was disgusting. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza and 12 piece wings. Both looked like they were just thrown together.

I should have just ordered pizza and wings from domino's because both would have tasted better. I tried calling Alondra's multiple times to complain and nobody answered. What a waste.

Don't eat here!!!! This place has amazing pizza! We wanted to originally order pizza and ended up purchasing here because of the wing selection they have. I loved the godfather pizza, if you love a meat lovers pizza this ones for you. We also created our own veggie pizza, and ordered a pizza with chicken, garlic, and ham but I forgot the name.

This one was actually my favorite! The pieces of chicken were not large and overpowering with each bite, but the garlic flavor was so delicious and intense. If you like garlic you definitely need to order this! The crust was really soft and fluffy with a crunch in he outside, perfectly cooked!

The wings are pretty good but I personally prefer the pizza. My favorite was the lemon pepper over the medium hot wings. I found that they were pretty crispy but the saucy wings ended up being a bit soggy on the outside. I look forward to a nice crunch on the outside of the skin like I found with the lemon pepper. Seriously how is this place still open and full of people.

The wings are what my son would giggily. The skin is soft, chewy and almost bloated looking. Not crispy and juicy and flavorful like wingstop down the street. The sauces are out of a jar. Not homemade. One bite and that was it. So I tried the pizza too. Usually pizza is completely baked in an oven with nicely baked toppings that meld into the cheesey goodness. Not here. This pizza was partially baked in an oven. You could tell as none of the veggies were cut thorough. To make it worse the cheese was not baked through and had uncooked shreds throughout.

This place is a disaster and really needs to read these reviews and get their place in order. Nice waitress, good pizza and good wings We got hot, lemon pepper, and honey bbq. Everything tasted great Alondra's is a decent spot to check out if you are looking for something casual and easy. They have your classic American pub style fair from burgers, fries, wings, and pizzas. I forget the name of the pizza that I like from there, but it's basically a buffalo chicken style pizza.

The food is pretty good, and is quickly served, but the service can be dodgy. This visit was pretty good with the service though. Be aware that it can get pretty packed on game nights and weekends, we waited about 30 minutes to be seated but had a couple drinks at the bar to pass the time. The restaurant is simple in decoration but packs in the people. Great for a game night outing! When looking at the menu, this restaurant provides a wide selection of flavored wings, appetizers, pizza, and other options of food to order.

The atmosphere felt warm and welcoming. Although I was able to order, sometimes the waiters or waitresses would make me wait 10 or 15 minutes. I ordered the 16 piece chicken wings, 8 buffalo flavored and 8 honey bbq flavored, a side of fries, and a medium sized pepperoni pizza to go. The wings were tender and tasty along with the sides of celery, carrots, and ranch, which were good as well. The fries were very crispy and the pizza tasted just as good as it looked.


Alondra Hot Wings, Paramount

Own this business? Learn more about offering online ordering to your diners. Delicious, hand-battered cauliflower florets. Tossed in your choice of hot or Thai chili. Our ranch blasted french fries has been a hit since 1 day. Plenty of others have tried to copy it but we are the originators. Hand cut fries, house blend seasoning, hot sauce, Alondra's own ranch, tossed in harmony and bursting with flavor.


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Own this business? Learn more about offering online ordering to your diners. Delicious, hand-battered cauliflower florets. Tossed in your choice of hot or Thai chili. Hand cut seasoned fries, all beef chili, delicious all beef naval pastrami and shredded cheddar cheese. Our ranch blasted french fries has been a hit since 1 day. Plenty of others have tried to copy it but we are the originators.

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