Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Remote meter display for the m20 professional bit digital recording system 9 pages. Alesis adat-hd24 fireport audio-recording: reference manual 42 pages.

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You've just purchased an incredible piece of recording equipment. Here are a few of the features that make the ADAT Digital Recorder perhaps one ofthe most important advances in recording technology since the invention of multitrack. This is the same tape that is used with S-VHS video taperecorders. It's readily available and relatively low in cost for the purpose of multitrackrecording.

We chose S-VHS because the cassette shell, tape hubs andguides are precision crafted in the S-VHS format to treat the tape gently andinterface in a precisely controlled manner with the ADAT transport over longperiods of recording. We recommend you always use S-VHS tape to protect yourvaluable recordings. It should perform to your highest expectations.

Youcan order more through your Alesis dealer or directly from Alesis. See theaccompanying flyer for information on how to order.

ADAT uses bit linear analog-to-digital conversion, theprofessional standard 48 kHz sampling rate variable from The digital converters in ADAT are thelatest generation in converter technology. Because of the tremendous economies of scale realized in manufacturing ADAT ,these high quality andmore expensive converters are included in the ADAT design rather than having tobe purchased as a separate accessory box as with some recorders in spite of ADAT s low overall cost.

This converter technology allows recording andreproduction of the very highest quality. Plus, ADAT 's design dedicates separateconverters to the inputs and outputs of each individual track.

That's 16 convertersin all - no multiplexing. If you've ever used a multitrack taperecorder, then you probably already know how to use ADAT. Familiar controlslike play, record, fast forward, rewind, and track select buttons perform the majorityof functions you'll need.

There are no difficult engineering routines for you tolearn. ADAT was designed to work perfectlyas a stand-alone 8 track recorder and performs this function without equal. Butits design goes much further to include a built in synchronization system thatallows multiple ADAT s to lock together in perfect synchronization; so, you canexpand the number of recording tracks and buy more ADAT s as your budgetallows and your needs expand. Nothing in the system will become obsolete and ADAT 's modular standard is the key to compatability between your studio andeveryone else's; be it a home studio or fully professional commercial studio.

Why is this important? Because of such incredibly tight sync performance,multiple ADAT s are virtually free of the evils of incoherent phase between tracksplaying on different machines.

This means that when you lock 2 or more ADAT stogether, you're really creating the equivalent of one large digital tape recorderand one very wide, seamless piece of tape. And because ADAT 's sync system is internalized and so accurate, you getmachine synchronization without giving up an audio track, accurate tape counterreadings without annoying slippage, and intelligent sample-accurate autolocationfunctions with the BRC.

Because ADAT 's S-VHS tape format is so inexpensive, you can easily record alternate versions ofvocals, solos, background accompaniments; whatever your creative urgedictates.

Modular recording means you can build as many tracks as you desire whileyou're recording and do composite editing with the BRC and ADAT 's OpticalDigital Interface see next section before the final mixdown.

This means you can docomplex composite editing. Like the chorus on track 2? Want to replace the choruson track 15? Easy to do with the BRC carrying the timing and Sync. Information while the optical cable carries all the digital audio. The new chorus ontrack 15 will be an exact digital duplicate of the one on track 2. Feel particularlyinspired one day, but can't make up your mind about which lead solo to go with? Fill five or six tracks of a single S-VHS cassette tape with your hottest playing.

Take the best performance, or the best parts of each one and recompose theentire solo on a new track. All in perfect sync, all sample accurate, all in the digitaldomain. The popular recording practice of composite vocals is just as easy, andmore effective than ever with ADAT to support your efforts. This allows for direct digital connection, with sample rate conversion,to and from other digital audio recorders, DAT recorders, CDs, hard diskrecorders, synthesizers, and more.

This handydevice duplicates ADAT 's front panel play, record, fast forward, rewind, stop and3 point autolocate system. You can also control the monitor select functions. It's designed to mount on top of the BRC or be rack mounted sothat you can install your ADAT s in a remote rack and control functions and viewcritical metering of the recorders directly from one location.

For convenience,the balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs work simultaneously. ADAT is ideal for quadraphonic, surround, and theatrical sound applications that requiremore than two channels for the final master. For more information on digital recording, see Appendix 1. Appendix 2 is a glossaryof digital recording-related terms that may be helpful as you read this manual.

These important sections describe recordingconcepts that have no counterpart with analog recorders, and which must beunderstood before you start using ADAT. Tape motioncontrols include play, fast forward, rewind, stop, record, and pause. The countershows elapsed time from the beginning of the tape, or the time from where you lastreset the zero counter. For live multitrack recording, a special mode lets you monitor all eightinputs regardless of record status.

The input jacks are wired using innovative switching techniques to allow for fast trackselection, patching, and track switching. Section 2. Digital crossfades can be set toany of four different crossfade times. A user-supplied momentary footswitch allows for no-hands punch-in and out.

The BRC can do auto punch in and out referenced to sample-accurate locationpoints. An auto play feature canautomatically put ADAT into play mode when the autolocation operation is complete. Sometimes these flash to indicate thata function is ready to be initiated, then turn solid to indicate that the function is beingimplemented.

Most switches toggle, meaning that pressing once will turn a functionon, and pressing again will turn it off. This is called engaged mode. Even when the tape itself isstopped, it is still in contact with the head drum. When themachine is paused, the head remains spinning, and the tape is not disengaged fromthe head. Cue and review are no longer possible, but rewind and fast forwardspeeds are much faster.

As a general rule, if you need to fast forward or rewind over a long length, disengage thetape first; if you only need to fast forward or rewind a short distance, leave the tapeengaged. If the tape is engaged, and no transport activity play, record, rewind, etc. Alesis cannot overstress the importance of this. While they may work technically, their unpredictable quality and lessthan premium formulation could decrease the reliability of your recording.

Don't trust yourmusic with anything less than premium S-VHS tape. Inferior tapes not only jeopardize therecordings made on them, they may shed oxide and leave behind a coating of dirt that willinterfere with future recordings, even if you switch back to premium quality tape. Defectivetape may even clog the head, requiring service. Back up your tapes to another ADAT using thefiber optic digital connector section 6.

Do notexpose them to extremes of heat, cold, or humidity. Never place tapes nearmagnetic fields power amps, TVs, monitors, magnets, etc. When you install it, keep in mind that heat is the major enemy ofelectronic equipment. Theseare not absolute limits, but Alesis cannot guarantee that ADAT will meet itspublished specs or remain reliable if operated outside of these ranges.

Do not seal any enclosure thatholds ADAT. It is not necessary to leave an empty rack space above or below ADAT unless it runs hot enough to affect equipment above or below it.

Generally this is not a problem, but avoidmounting ADAT next to devices that generate strong magnetic fields such aspower amplifiers, monitors and video display devices, speakers, etc. Theground connection is an important safety feature designed to keep the chassis ofelectronic devices such as ADAT at ground potential. Unfortunately, the presence ofa third pin does not always indicate that an outlet is properly grounded. Use an ACline tester to determine this.

If the outlet is not grounded, consult with a licensedelectrician. When AC power is suspected of being unstable a professional powerconditioner should be used. One path goes from device A to ground via the ground terminal of the threeconductorAC power cord, but A also sees a path to ground through the shieldedcable and AC ground of device B. Because ground wires have a small amount ofresistance, small amounts of current can flow through ground and generate a voltagealong the cable shield.

This signal may end up getting induced into the hot conductor. The loop can also act like an antenna into which hum is induced, or can even pick upradio frequencies.

Furthermore, many components in a circuit connect to ground. Groundloops cause the most problems with high-gain circuits, since massive amplification ofeven a couple millivolts of noise can give an audible signal.

Most ground loop problems can be solved by plugging all equipment into the samegrounded AC source. However, it is important to make sure that the AC source is notoverloaded and is properly rated to handle the gear plugged into it.

For really tough cases, you may need to break the connection that causes the loopcondition. One way to do this is to simply break the shield of the shielded audiocable at some point, usually by disconnecting it from ground at one jack. The otherend should remain connected so that the shielding properties are retained, even ifthere is no direct path for ground. Please note that not all hums and buzzes are caused by ground loops; your cablesmust be of very high quality, particularly with dBV setups.

Refer to section 2. These should be low-capacitance shielded cables with astranded not solid internal conductor and low-resistance shield. Although qualitycables cost more, they do make a difference. Route cables to ADAT correctly byobserving the following precautions.

Always unplug by firmlygrasping the body of the plug and pulling directly outward.


ALESIS ADAT BLACK FACE Reference Manual - PGTonstudio

HD24 is built exclusively for the purpose of recording music instead of data, resulting in remarkable stability and performance. HD24 enables engineers to record up to 24 tracks of high-resolution bit recording at Two hot-swappable media bays provide convenient access to recording drives and allow data backup in minutes. You can edit tracks internally or easily transfer to computer via an Ethernet connection. It offers the same exceptional user-friendly interface ADAT users have come to expect. EC2 improves performance at all sample rates and also expands analog and digital-input compatibility to include


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