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Quick Links. Download this manual. Plug the telephone cord into right-hand socket under. Plug one end of the spiral cord into the handset at A ,. Turn over the wall mounting peg small grooved plastic. Mount the base on the 2 screws by pulling it. This light flashes in time with the ringer when you receive a call.

It goes out as soon as you take the. There are two different ways of dialling:. Pick up the handset to talk. The key is backlit in blue. If you are talking to somebody on the handset, and you want to hear and talk to them over the loudspeaker. The people around you can join in the conversation. Lift the handset to return to private conversation mode.

The phonebook can hold up to name and number entries and 10 quick-dial memory entries. Each entry can hold up to 20 digits and 16 characters. To program the phonebook and the quick-dial memory keys, see Section 4. Using the phonebook to make a call. Alphabetic order search. Enter the first letter, or the first two letters, of the name you are looking for. The first name starting with that. To scroll down, press.

Pick up the handset and make the call. NOTE: The call timer starts about 12 seconds after the last digit is dialled. Using a memory key to make a call. Press the memory key associated with the person you want to call. Sales and marketing departments:. Pick up the handset to initiate the call. There are two ways to pick up a call:. You can take the call in either of the two ways described above.

Navigation keys up, down, left, right. You can turn the handset volume up or down during a call. The Mute key puts your correspondent on hold so that you can talk to someone else without the first person. A beep is emitted on the line every 10 seconds. To resume the conversation, press the Mute key again. The Redial function can store the last 10 numbers in memory. There are two ways of redialling a recently called number:. This automatically redials the last number to be called. The most recently dialled number is displayed.

This automatically dials the number displayed. If you want to erase the traces of your outgoing calls, you can delete the numbers from the redial memory. To access the various sub-menus from the home screen,. You can return to the home screen from anywhere in any menu or sub-menu by pressing. If you make a mistake, e.

To adjust the ringer volume. When a call comes in. The chosen ringer volume setting will apply to subsequent calls as well. At level 0, the display will indicate "Ringer Off".

The default volume level is 3. To change this, press. To cut the ringer, select 0, and confirm by pressing. Date: Using the number keys, enter the day followed by the month e. Time: Enter the time e. The default dialling mode is tone dialling DTMF.

To switch to pulse dialling. Locking the keypad can prevent unwarranted calls being made. By default, a maximum of 4 digits can be dialled. This maximum number of digits can be modified see Section 7 "Installer menu". When the keypad is locked, the function keys on the left of the keypad are inoperative. Enter the PIN code by default, and press. To change the PIN code, see Section 4. Programming the memory keys.

Press one of the 10 quick-dial memory keys. Wait for the cursor to move on before you enter the next letter. Keys" is enabled in the Installer menu, the memory keys cannot be re-programmed or. Modifying a memory key. Erasing a memory key. Storing names and numbers in the phonebook. Enter the name, using the keypad see Section 4. Editing a phonebook entry. Deleting an entry from the phonebook.

Deleting all the entries in the phonebook. By default, the PIN code is You can modify this to any number of your choosing. Enter the default code or the modified code 4 digits. For example, the. Voice Mailbox key can be used to store the number of the voicemail server. Enter the desired number, using the keypad. Proceed in the same way for the other 2 keys: Service A, Service B. To dial a number stored on one of these 3 keys.

Pick up the handset or use hands-free mode. Your network operator provides a number of subscription-only services. This service tells you the name or number of the caller before you take the call, and when you are on the line.

The Call list is linked to the network operator's caller ID service. The list can store up to 70 numbers of people who have tried to call you. When the memory is full, the oldest. The display icons indicate various caller ID data:. For further details, contact your operator. While looking up a number. To save a number in the phonebook, press. Remove the plastic stopper on the left of the base of the telephone.

To take an incoming call. You can, at any moment, switch the call into:. Handset mode: pick up the handset and remove the headset to hear your correspondent. Your headset must have an RJ9 connector. Use headsets that comply with the EN standard.

This menu provides access to certain specific programming functions, including system reset. Procedure for opening the Installer menu. The handset must be on-hook.



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