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Fresh Water Tank, Lid. Filler Opening for Ground Coffee with Lid. Cup Rack. Bean Container with Lid inside: grind- ing texture adjustment. Selector Dial for Steam and Hot Water. Swivelling Nozzle for Steam and Hot Water. Height Adjustable Outlet. Drip Grille. Drip Catcher. Rating Plate on the underside of the appliance. Controls and Indicators see Figure 2. Measuring Spoon. Controls Figure 2. Power Indicator: Illuminates when the appliance is switched on. Main Switch: Switches the appliance on and off.

Indicator For 1 Cup of Strong Coffee. Indicator For 1 Cup of Normal Coffee. Button For 1 Cup of Coffee. Button For 2 Cups of Coffee. Indicator For Ground Coffee. Button For Ground Coffee. Button For Flushing. Indicator flashes:. Dear customer,. Please read these operating instruc- tions through carefully. Above all, observe the safety in structions! Please keep these operating instructions for later reference, and pass them on to any subsequent owners of the appli- ance.

The form and function of your AEG coffee machine guarantee you. The excellent, individual taste is achieved by. Incidentally: The time that the water is in contact with the ground coffee is considerably shorter for espressos than for conventional filter coffee.

As a result, less bitterness is released from the coffee, it is this that makes espresso coffee so much pleasanter! Table of Contents. Safety Instructions. Before Using for the First Time. Setting Up the Appliance. Cable Compartment Figure 3. Adjusting the Water Hardness. Adjusting the Safety Cut-Out. Prior to Making Coffee. Filling the Water Tank Figure 4. Filling the Bean Container Figure 5.

Adjusting the Grinding Texture Figure 6. Switching On the Appliance Figure 7. Making Coffee. Frothing Milk for Cappuccino Figure 15, Preparing Hot Water Figure Switching Off the Appliance. Exterior Cleaning Figure 19, What to do if. Protecting the Environment. In the Case of Need for Service. Keep children away! Remove any foreign bodies from the coffee beans. Otherwise the guarantee will be void. Do not open or repair the appliance. Improper repairs can give rise to signif- icant hazards for the user.

Repairs to electrical appliances are only to be performed by qualified service engineers. In the case that re pair becomes neces- sary, including the replacement of the mains lead, please contact. In no circumstance should the appli- ance be sent by post - there is a risk of transport damage that cannot be cov- ered under the guarantee! If the appliance is used for a purpose other than that intended, or is incor- rectly operated, no liability for any resulting damage or claims under the guarantee can be accepted - this is also the case if the cleaning and descaling programs are not performed immedi- ately after the illumination of the cor- responding indicators Figure 2 , and in accordance with the information given in these operating instructions.

Choose a suitable, level, stable, unheated, dry surface. Pay attention to adequate air circulation. Important: If the appliance is placed in. Cable compartment Figure 3. Your appliance has a cable compart- ment on the rear. If the mains lead is too long, you can push the cable that is not needed into the cable compart- ment. Your appliance can be adjusted to the hardness of the water used. The correct adjustment of the water hardness is necessary for the correct function of the automatic scaling indicator see also Section 9.

Follow the instructions given on the test strip packaging. Or: Ask your water board about the hardness of your water! You can change this setting as follows:. Plug the appliance into the mains. Do not switch on the appliance. Press the. Pressing the. All indicators go out. If a button is not pressed for more than.

The automatic descale indi- cator is switched off. Note: The water hardness setting is only to be adjusted prior to using the appliance for the first time, or if the quality of the water used changes. If the appliance is not used for an extended period of time, it switches itself off for safety reasons and to save energy. The appliance has 3 timer settings; after the expiry of the time set, the appliance switches off automatically.

The middle setting 2 switch off after 2 hours , is set in the factory. To save the safety cut-out setting and. If a button is not pressed for more than 30 sec. The individual timer settings are indi-. Please only use cold, clear water, and do not fill beyond the MAX mark. Then refit the water tank in the appli- ance and press it down until it engages so the valve on the base is opened. For aromatic coffee, you should:. Then rinse with clean water.

Incidentally: When the. Filling the Bean Container. Figure 5. Ensure that no foreign bodies enter the bean container. Close the lid. Tip : You can use both espresso and fil- ter coffee beans! Try out different sorts of beans to find the ones that taste the best to you! Hot water runs out of the swivelling nozzle and is stopped automatically. Please repeat this process until the green flashing indicators go out.

This process is necessary to fill the sys- tem with water.


AEG Electrolux CaFamosa Operating Instructions Manual

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Please keep these operating instructions for C Cup Rack later reference, and pass them on to any subsequent owners of the appli- D Bean Container with Lid Setting Up the Appliance match the information given on the 1. Before Using for the First Time Improper repairs can give rise to signif- 1. Setting Up the Appliance icant hazards for the user.


AEG CF100 Manual Utilizare Eng




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