It brings value to our patients and to our practices. We also know that word-of-mouth is our best form of advertising, and that when we make patients happy and exceed their expectations, they return to us for care and refer others. This year marks our 25th anniversary and there have been many milestones in vision care during that time. Historically, the market for daily disposable contact lenses has been relatively flat, with some small fluctuations; but something changed in March Figure 1. That is when we saw a dramatic increase in the utilization of daily disposable contact lenses. What is driving this aggressive growth?

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We are interested in what you think about this product. Write a review to express your opinion and share it with everyone else visting the site. After you submit the review, it will go through a verification process before it is accepted. The service was quick and easy. Just had to have my prescription and that's it. Way cheaper than buying from stores.

But they did send a new contact case! My contacts came in on time with no issues, thank you! I will definitely be using you in the future. Had to go through six contacts before I finally were able to wear with comfort and not no irritation. Just opened the second box, so far so good. I enjoy the fast ship. I mean I remit payment and they provide a fair , safe product.

I purchased 2 twenty four packs due to monovision. Very disappointed in product. Lenses are not keeping their shape making it hard to insert within eyes. Lenses are very thin. Nice and easy order BUT I packed my contacts and the contact case in by carry on bag for a 14 hour flight that connected to a 7 hour flight to a 5 hour launch ride. The provided contact case leaked in my bag and dried out my contacts leaving me nothing.

You need water right cases. I was traveling blind to a very dangerous area because of this. Contacts were delivered within a week and were cheaper than anywhere else After 5 years of not wearing contacts, I am back.

These feel great and are easy to wear. The entire Lens. I've been using Acuvue Oasys contact lenses now for many years. I wore them before Lasik and now, as I've grown older, for a small correction that helps me avoid reading glasses under many circumstances while also fine tuning my overall vision. They are very comfortable but I note that I am very conscientious about daily cleaning and that is vital to get a full 2 weeks usage. The shape is such you can often, but not always, see if you have the proper orientation; I find if I don't, I will feel a slight discomfort that helps me correct any mistakes.

My eyecare professional has consistently agreed this brand is doing a very good job for me. My eyes are not as dry and the clarity with soft contacts are not as clear as with the Boston EO's. I have used Acuvue for as long as I can remember. I have flown through these contacts, often averaging 2 to 3 days before they would tear or chip on the corners.

I had about four of these contacts gone to waste after just using for 2 days. After putting them in they seem to wrinkle up and pop out of my eyes pretty frequent to the point I have to throw the pair out and open a new set.

They're solid contact lens, however they bother for extended use in a day. Overall great product, affordable price. I'm not proud of sleeping in my contacts, but some cases I just forget to take them out. It's in no way healthy and I'm trying to kick the habit, but these contacts keep my eyes less painful, although you should put eye drops in your eyes in the morning to rewet them. They are very breathable, and they last even longer if you take them out every night, just make sure you do a deep clean with a disinfecting solution maybe weekly if not twice a week.

I rate these 5 start! Been wearing this brand for over 10 years and never wanted or needed to switch! I've always used Acuvue Oasys, but lately, when I put them in, it's blurry at first and takes a while to adjust.

However, once they adjust, I don't notice I'm wearing contacts. The delivery was quick, and the box was packed so tightly, the contact box and free lens case was safe. The contact lens came on time and they were properly packed nicely. I even had gotten a free contact lens case with my purchase. I usually get this from my medical center but they are very affordable online which I am very thankful. Looking forward in trying color contacts soon. My order was easy to do on-line and I received imy contacts very quick.

I shop around before buying contacts in Lens. The delivery took a little long but I had they came in time to replace. Thank you for your service. This brand is very cheap and not comfortable for daily wear.

If you struggle with dry or sensitive eyes I would not suggest this brand. I am a longtime user of the Acuvue disposable contact lenses and am very satisfied with the experience. The quality and convenience are outstanding. It seems this batch of contacts are much more fragile than in the past. I tore one just taking it out of my eye. This has never happened before. I have been using Acuvue Advance for years, and these lenses are the same great quality and comfort.

Highly recommended! The lenses are exactly as I expected, cost less than I had been paying and were delivered quickly. I will order through them always. My daughter was out of contacts and needed them quickly. You guys came through by getting my order out to me quickly. Many thanks. I've used this product for a number of years. However, with the latest pack I've had problems with the lens tearing after just a few days. I am not doing anything different in using them so I can only think it is the product.

The price is always cheaper than any other competitor I search. Ordering is simple and fast and they will get your prescription for you easily. The last 2 boxes that I ordered tore super easy or would have a gauge in the lens only after wearing 1 or 2 days. I went through my supply much faster than I should have. These contacts don't dry out during the day, so I'm able to wear them for a long 15 hours without discomfort.

I ordered two boxes, one online and one on phone because I erred when making the online order. Poor customer service. Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn. I don't even know I'm wearing them; my eyes don't get dry or irritated, and stay refreshed all day long. I've had to toss a couple contact lenses already.

Tried wearing them for a couple days, tried different solutions, and they just don't feel right. They always feel like they're inside out like the edges of the lenses are digging into my eye balls.

I usually have no issue with these lenses and I will continue to buy, just a bummer that I'm having to toss lenses. I was surprised at the dramatic cost difference The shipping was faster than expected. Good customer service. Originally the product was shipped to the wrong address.

I find the Acuvue Brand not as durable and easy to manage as Bausch and Lombe. I've called my optometrist to see if any other brand is possible in my particular prescription. I only gave 4 stars because the last box I ordered I think were defected. This new box seems to be great! Since receiving these contacts I feel they are better than the ones I got from my eye doctor.

They are comfortable and are easy cleaned and inserted. Although the boxes look the same, the quality seems to be better. It can be hard to come up with that much money at one time when your on a limited income. Easy ordering process. Delivery earlier than anticipated. Price is better than competition but shipping to Canada took some time.


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We are interested in what you think about this product. Write a review to express your opinion and share it with everyone else visting the site. After you submit the review, it will go through a verification process before it is accepted. The service was quick and easy. Just had to have my prescription and that's it.


Acuvue Oasys

I also have astigmatism. I remember -even a decade ago- being incredibly jealous of my friends who had the daily disposable lenses, while I was still doing the rub and clean routine every night. I mean, really? I was waiting for some contact lens company to get with it and not leave us blurry eyed folks out of all the fun. Well now, I can finally join all the other lucky contact lens wearers and a just throw out my lenses every night and put in a fully fresh pair in the morning. But the best part is that I can just throw them out at the end of the day, without having to worry about anything.

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